Cool & Comfy Tees: Ultra-Light Supima Cotton T-Shirts

T-shirts are meant to provide ultimate comfort to you at all times. Be it in the summer when you feel like having nothing on you or during winter when you need something comfortable to wear under your woolens. Once you start wearing t-shirts, there is no going back. So to make this experience better, here are Supima cotton t-shirts.

Supima T-shirt

Supima t-shirts are the new way of life for men who like to keep it light. But what are Supima t-shirts exactly? To understand what Supima cotton t-shirts are, we have to know about Pima.

What is Pima?

Pima is a type of cotton fabric which is made of long cotton fibres, unlike other cotton materials that are made of short fibres. The extra-long cotton fibres in Pima are more than 34 millimetres long and that makes the fabric soft and lightweight. Thus Pima t-shirts are comfortable to wear and light to carry all day long.Pima cotton is derived from a plant called Gossypium Barbadense which is grown in tropical regions only. These plants are highly susceptible to damage by frost. Gossypium Barba is a short dense tree that yields bright yellow flowers. The long cotton fibres are made from the flowers of this plant.Supima is a superior quality of Pima which is ultra-soft and lightweight. Bedsheets, towels, bathrobes, and half t shirt for men are all made from Pima or Supima cotton. Lately, men's Supima cotton t-shirts are trending because of various factors related to the quality of the fabric.

Why buy Supima cotton t-shirts?

If you still haven't worn a Supima t-shirt then you have to give it a try. Since it is in the market, it has pulled a massive demand across India. Here are some factors why you will love men's Supima cotton t-shirts once you start wearing them:

If you still haven't worn a Supima t-shirt then you have to give it a try. Since it is in the market, it has pulled a massive demand across India. Here are some factors why you will love men's Supima cotton t-shirts once you start wearing them:

  • Material Feel
    The feel of the material of men's 
    Supima cotton t-shirt is the primary reason why it is so popular. The supima material is soft and light which enables you to carry it easily in all types of weather. It allows your skin to breathe by absorbing your sweat in sultry weather and makes you feel cool. These t-shirts can be worn all day long and are perfect for college wear.

  • Durability
    A Supima cotton tee does not easily wear off because of its high durability. These supima tees are perfect for rough use and daily wear. You can wash these t-shirts in a washing machine without having to worry about disfiguration. It does not stretch or become thin after several washes. For Supima t-shirts, your fit will not change after some days. So you do not have to handle this material with extra care. For other cotton t-shirts, after a while, little holes appear. This does not happen with Supima t-shirts.

  • Colour Retention
    Most of the time we see that t-shirts lose their colour after a few washes. But with Supima cotton t-shirts you do not have to worry about it. The colour of these ultra light weight t-shirts is longer retained. So you can wash it with your daily detergent and it will remain ever new for a long time.

  • No linting or pilling
    Most of the cotton fabric shows linting or pilling after just one wash. Linting or pilling is the little balls on clothes that appear on the top. This happens when short cotton fibres are used to make the yarn. Linting makes clothes unusable after a point of time. But with Supima t-shirts, linting is no more a problem. As Supima fabrics are made from longer cotton fibres, linting does not appear on your t-shirts.

  • Easy to wash
    As the fabric has high durability, it is easy to maintain it for a longer time. The fabric can be washed regularly with detergent. You can wash it in the washing machine and tumble dry it. It is also resistant to sunlight so putting it out in the sun to dry will not harm the fabric in any way. Since cotton gets wrinkled, you can iron it at home too. The heat does not damage the t-shirts.

  • Easy Availability
    Supima cotton t-shirts are now widely available in India. You will get Supima cotton t-shirts online in various colours and with different prints. One can buy 
    men's t-shirts online from XYXX where the quality is top-notch and has lots of variety.

  • Fair Pricing
    Some people will say Supima cotton India t-shirts are expensive. But considering the quality of the material, one has to agree that the pricing is fair. If you invest in cotton crew neck t-shirts today, it will last for a long time. There are many t-shirts available for half of the price of a single Supima t-shirt but then they will not last long as the Supima t-shirts will. The Supima cotton t-shirts India made are more feasible for you if you wear t-shirts regularly. You do not have to worry about buying a new one soon.

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What makes Supima cotton t-shirts lightweight and soft?

Pure Supima cotton is super soft and lightweight because of its extra-long fibres of Pima cotton which are grown and produced in the USA.

Do Supima cotton t-shirts shrink after washing?

While Supima cotton is machine washable, it does shrink which means it is best to wash your Supima clothing item in cold water.

Does the Supima cotton t-shirt require extra care?

To care for your Supima t-shirts, wash with mild detergent, avoid the use of bleach, and avoid wringing your t-shirt before spreading it to dry away from direct sunlight.

Can Supima cotton t-shirts be worn in any weather?

Lightweight Supima cotton T-shirts are soft and gentle on the skin. They have a perfect texture and are amazing for different weather like winter, fall, and spring.

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