Travelling on a Budget: Affordable and Trendy Outfit Ideas For Men

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Travelling is an adventure and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You get to experience new things, explore new places, and try out new dishes. Whether it’s a short or long-distance trip, you need to be prepared for anything that comes your way.

When travelling, you need to have stylish and affordable travel outfits to carry with you. Stylish outfits are made of high-quality fabrics that you can enjoy for a long time. But these vacation outfits should also align with the weather condition of your destination and your itinerary.

Packing smart and light is the key to a good travel experience. You need outfits that would be perfectly suitable for all the activities which you have planned for the duration of your stay. So if you’re looking for men’s outfit ideas for your next vacation we’ve got you covered. Be it travel outfits' summer styles or winter-ready designs, this guide is all you need to help you out. Something comfortable, soft, lightweight, and breathable. Let’s get into it:

Affordable Men's Travel Outfit Ideas

To transition effortlessly from comfort to style, let's explore the best and most affordable travel outfit ideas for men:

Men's Outfit Ideas For Road Trip


Athleisure clothing is a must for the comfort of your road trip. There are many styles of versatile sweatshirts that are ideal for exploring the outdoors or relaxing indoors. Wear these with joggers for a carefree yet fashionable look while out and about.


Elegant joggers are a wardrobe essential for comfortable road trips; they're great for exploring and relaxing. Cotton joggers by XYXX Crew have an excellent fit and comfort level to keep you feeling light and fresh throughout your journey.


Choose breathable and cosy inner boxers as a men's travel outfit for a stress-free driving vacation. Enjoy comfort and elegance by picking unique prints for a pop of style.

Outfit Ideas For Airport Look

Co-Ord Sets

The practicality of co-ord sets should be noticed for your airport ensemble. They are affordable and easily styled, making them versatile enough to pair with other wardrobe essentials.


Because hoodies are so versatile, they can enhance your airport look. To be comfortable and fashionable during moderate winters, wear them with joggers, track trousers, or shorts paired with cosy sneakers.

Budget Men's Clothing Ideas For Beach Vacation


Don't undervalue the adaptability of mens T-shirts when selecting your beach vacation needs. For easygoing style, pair them with shorts, track pants, or joggers. Purchase premium, classic, and polo T-shirts from a wide range of XYXX Crew to round up your trip collection.


For a carefree style under the sun, prioritise comfy and adaptable cotton shorts. XYXX Crew offers reasonably priced options online in a range of hues and designs to accommodate your tastes.

Tank Tops

Consider investing in comfortable and adaptable tank tops for an affordable men's travel outfit that can be worn solo or layered. Look for cutting-edge styles and premium materials for a chic update.

Men's Wear Idea For Hill Station Vacation

Track Pants 

Choose cosy and fashionable track pants for your hill station vacation, as they work best for outdoor activities. They offer comfort without sacrificing style because they are breathable, light cotton.


Versatile zip-up jackets for men will add flair to your vacation attire in the hill station. These chic and comfortable layers offer warmth, style and adaptability to your vacation, making them a perfect option among men's travel budgeting outfits.

Cargo Pants

When planning your hill station holiday, cargo joggers are a fashionable and cosy choice. These adaptable pants combine comfort and style, making them ideal for outdoor exploration.

Tips To Choose Affordable Travel Outfits For Men

Want to embark on a budget-friendly vacation? Here are some tips for you to help you pick stylish yet affordable travel outfits for men:

  • When shopping for a travel outfit, you should think of the type of material you’re looking for. You need to make sure that the material is perfect for the weather conditions of your destination.
  • Shop for men’s outfits that are versatile and you can wear for the different activities you have planned during your travel. If you plan on going hiking, touring the city, or riding a bicycle, get outfits that would suit any of those activities perfectly. A couple of plain T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, joggers and trank pants are all you need for your travels. 
  • When selecting layers for your outfit, keep in mind all of your outfits and choose a layer that would suit most of your outfits.
  • Comfort is a very important factor to consider when getting your travel outfits. You need clothes that are comfortable and do not irritate your skin. Get outerwear and innerwear like printed boxers that are comfy.


Budget travel does not have to mean compromising on flair. Adding economical and versatile items to your wardrobe can transform them into stylish outfits that work for every trip or destination. Men have many alternatives when it comes to travelling in style and staying within their budget, from light clothing to footwear.

Look at XYXX Crew's selection to add stylish and reasonably priced menswear to your closet. XYXX Crew has a large selection of fashionable men's wear options, including shirts, pants, sweatshirts, and co-ords, and provides premium apparel at reasonable costs. Look at their budget men's clothing selection now to upgrade your vacation look without going over budget.


Q. How can men look stylish when travelling?

When travelling, you can keep things simple, lightweight, and stylish. The best way to style your outfit is to first know the weather of your destination before you go all out on your outfit. If it’s summer, keep things light and simple, if it’s winter, add some layers to make your simple outfit stylish.

Q. How can men look fashionable in a budget outfit?

There are different on-budget travel outfit ideas for men. Making things fashionable doesn’t always mean it’s expensive. You can save your money and still look very stylish.

Q. What should men wear when travelling?

One of the best travel outfits a man can wear while he travels is a co-ord set that is simple yet sophisticated looking. This allows you to be comfortable and style it up whichever way you want to. You can layer it up with t-shirts, jackets, trenches, etc.

Q. Should men take extra pairs of undergarments for travel?

Yes, they definitely should. When travelling, you have to have a backup for your backup just in case. Extra pairs of underwear come in handy during your travels, especially if you get caught in the rain, decide to jump into the ocean with your clothes still on, or get soiled from mud, etc. 

Q. Which fabric is more comfortable to wear while travelling?

French Terry Cotton is the best fabric to wear while travelling. The fabric is soft, durable, flexible, and ultra comfortable.

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