Celebrate Valentine's Day The Instagram Way

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, is celebrated annually all around the world on 14 February, and although it might seem like a new-age concept,  this is one of the oldest known festivals. It was celebrated for the first time in Rome, in the year 496. Over the...

6 Ways To Brighten Up Your Work-From-Home

These have been rough times where we have all had to forget our carefree demeanor of going to the office, hanging out with friends, dissing about our work, and coming home. With increased safety measures being taken every day and a state of precautionary self-quarantine that has been going on globally, India...

A Brief History Of Underwear Evolution : How Did It Come To Be?

Believe it or not, the very humble piece of clothing did not always enjoy the limelight. As a piece of cloth journeyed through the various  times and ages, its depiction and anatomy changed while getting adapted to its current time period over the decades.

#KnowThyNuts: 5 Things You Should Know About Testicular Cancer

This April is the International Testicular Awareness month. With the #knowthynuts, the medical world has been trying to create awareness about this type of cancer that commonly affects men between 20 to 35 years or those in the prime of their fertility. Surprisingly, it is a prevalent type of cancer,...

How XYXX Is Made In India, Made For Indian Men

If you take the history of the evolution of this very humble piece of clothing, you will come to know that men’s underwear or basics were not a great product back in the days.

Affordable Pricing & Quality - Why XYXX Wins This Game!

Did you know that underwears usually last for 30 washes?  This means that, on an average, a pair of underwear must be replaced every four months. But, Indian men stretch out their undies for over a year, or till the time they have been rendered utterly useless. 

5 Reasons To Never Sleep Naked

Probably one of the most debated topics, to sleep naked or not! Everyone has their own comfort way of sleeping - whether you want to ditch your clothes or snuggle up in your PJ’s and get that sleep.

Athleisure T-Shirts Should Be Your Next Fashion Statement

Athleisure outfits have been in vogue and are trending as the best comfortable yet fashionable clothing. Athleisure men's t-shirts are made for both gym wear and casual wear. Most of the Athleisure t-shirts are made from Supima cotton fabric that makes it more durable and ultra light-weight. Men who like casual dressing,...

8 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Underwear For Men

Underwear is not only the most important garb of the day, but it’s also actually the simplest as well. You buy, wear, wash and repeat it. For generations men have underestimated the power of what lies inside a good pair of underwear,