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iconique T-shirt and Ace Shortsiconique T-shirt and Ace Shorts

Whether you are travelling via train or taking long-hour flights, t-shirts are always a lifesaver. It is a perfect daily wear for college students too! Even oversized t-shirts can give you the perfect comfort for a summer day. If you are a t-shirt lover then you will be able to relate more. Comfy shirts and t-shirts are never out of fashion. 

However, given there are so many options for cotton t-shirts online, you may be missing on a lot of factors that make your t-shirt the best t-shirts for men. When buying t-shirts online following are some things to look for:


There are different types of materials used for making t-shirts. But it is always comfortable to wear cotton t-shirts. Cotton t-shirts are good for your skin because they are more breathable than any other fabric. But if you are looking for the most comfortable men's t-shirt then nothing but Supima cotton t-shirts remain at the top. Supimat-shirts are ultra-lightweight and comfortable. The Supima t-shirts are made from the long cotton fibre of the Gossypium Barbadense plant. The long fibre makes the Supimat-shirts lighter and softerthan other t-shirts. You must always check for the material when buying men's t-shirts online.


Size can be a major issue for comfy t-shirt men online. Different brands may have a different fit for the same size. This you can check with the fit-to-size chart on the website. A t-shirt needs to be well-fitted to make you feel comfortable.

Lint Free

Lint or pills on your comfy brand t-shirts can irritate your skin. Sometimes, lintmaterial can give your skin rashes too. There are very few cotton t-shirts which are lint-free. But t-shirts like Supima cotton t-shirts are 100% lint-free since they are made up of long cotton fibres. Linting happenswhere fabric is madewith short fibres. After a few washes,such t-shirts form lint and distort the look of the t-shirt. Whereas, men's Supima cotton t-shirts are made of long fibres which do not form lint. Before buying, check the description for lint-free guarantee.


Cotton fabric is often treated with chemicals. These chemicals can have adverse effects on your skin. Before purchasing a t-shirt online, make sure there is enough information about its treatment with chemicals. At XYXX, the garments are free of harmful chemicals. Which means all men’s comfy t-shirts are safe for your skin.

Super soft and lightweight

Ultra-lightweight cotton t-shirts are super soft and offer the utmost comfort. If you are looking for the respective qualities, then a Supima t-shirt is the best option for you. Men's Supima cotton t-shirts are super soft and are ultra-lightweight. Additionally, a Supima cotton tee is more durable than any other tee. It is perfect for daily use and is easy to wash. Check for all these specifications before you buy Supima cotton t-shirts.

If you are a person who gets easily irritated by bad quality clothing material then buying a men's Supima cotton t-shirt is the safest option for you. The Supima cotton t-shirts are widely available online and at brick and mortar stores as well. The demand for Supima cotton t-shirts in India is rising day by day, due to its quality and feasibility. 

Reasons why Supima Cotton T-shirts are the best

A lot of men in India are now switching to Supima cotton t-shirts. The reason is as follows:

  • Supima cotton t-shirts are super light and extra soft. This means you can wear it all day long without feeling any discomfort.
  • Being made of superior quality cotton, the fabric allows your skin to breathe, thus, absorbing the sweat from your body.
  • Supima cotton t-shirts are durable and hold colour for a long time even after multiple washes. This saves your money as you can wear it longer than any other t-shirt. Detergent does not fade the colour off Supima t-shirts. So, it looks like new for a longer time.
  • These t-shirts do not change their shape after multiple washes. Many fabric materials shrink or stretch after it has been washed over and over again. This distorts your fit, making it look bad. This does not happen when you buy a Supima t-shirt.

These t-shirts do not change their shape after multiple washes. Many fabric materials shrink or stretch after it has been washed over and over again. This distorts your fit, making it look bad. This does not happen when you buy a Supima t-shirt.

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