How Men Who Wear Supima T-Shirts At Work Are Perceived

If you want to win votes or create a billion-dollar social network on the less permanent front it almost certainly doesn’t matter what you wear, think Mark Zuckerberg for instance.

And if you’re going for that interview, you can probably get away with not wearing a tie, even if you wear a suit for an employer where everyone wears a pair of jeans and a stylish men's half t-shirt. It’s as simple as that.

With that being said, this era of work culture is dynamically young, savage, casual, and super chill! Unlike what it used to be back in the days! :p

How can we change this, and why should we try?

This is the time to educate ourselves on the impact that we can create on our country’s economy when we choose to buy from homegrown brands. 

“Made in India” is no longer a matter of pride or a tagline to capitalize on a sentiment. It is the need of the hour as we collectively try to push back our country’s economy into better days. It is about promoting sustainable, equitable, and scalable growths by helping local communities and businesses flourish.

Here is how men who take the casual road to office in our Supima T-shirts can be perceived as -

1. Dressing is branding

When you dress up and, most importantly, show up, you establish your own brand of self. A signature style, if you may say.

Adopting sustainable fabric in your wardrobe immediately ups your game. It shows you to be a person who thinks in terms of long term benefits and growth, which could be good news for any position you are working at. It shows a promising future of analysis and development!

2. Dressing well equals to getting well paid

This is a no-brainer! You know the person who enters your office space with a very cool demeanor, but it's actually the style of the person that has you charting out his background and what not? Well, dressing casual yet stylish can have people guessing back and forth about the kind of man you actually would be behind the scenes.

The softness and durability of Supima T-shirts guarantee your long-standing relationship of playing the perfect dapper man.

3. Strong thinkers dress well

Ask that to anyone, and they will resonate with this sentiment. Solid colors that are aesthetically pleasing, bright, yet statement oriented can bounce off many good adjectives from your style. Think cool blue, Aztec, and reds that can keep you playing the charm of a strong thinker at work - all because you decided to embrace and make use of the best of your Supima T-shirts.

4. Colour Power

This one can be tricky if you are more inclined to pinks and corals. But at the workplace, you want to play with the balance of power and choose colors that exude the same. Even if you are dressing casually in Supima T-shirts, it is the undiluted colour and the tonality’s strength that really makes the visual difference between you and your colleagues.

A recent survey states that men who wear red and blacks or dark blues to office stand a higher chance of being noticed, heard and taken differently.

5. Following the leader

And soon - people are copying your style, and why not? Can you blame them?
Your casual business styles are on point - all you do is throw on a jacket on your Supima T-shirts. You save time, keep it casual, yet they know when you mean business. It is the element of casual cool that you create, which could be enviable and put you on the top of the pack. People want to be like you, dress like, and soon you would hear them saying, “Follow the leader, do what he does.

To sum it up, you can never be in trouble when you dress well.  On the contrary, you may just rise to the occasion only because biologically, human beings function on first appearances and impressions. Your style can translate so many things without you even doing the talk.

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