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Not all comfort wear is made equal

We make premium staples with a fun sense of style that make you feel comfortable and confident, season after season.

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XYXX Apparels: Making You More Trendy

"Your underwear may be under your pants the entire day, but it holds the power to make or break it"

We may find ample knowledge about feminine hygiene and garment preferences the entire day, but rare to know anything about men's. The catechism may be different and difficult, but it arises as often, that where and how we get the right underwear for men. An uncomfortable fit, fabric, or pattern may not only make you feel uncomfortable but also it can hamper the entire health surrounding your pubic area.

However, it is sad to see that we often do not give much importance to men’s innerwear and the health of the groin region. According to a survey done by Askmen, where they took the inputs of about 1000 men from different races and continents, they figured out that only 18% men think and consider before purchasing underwear and are overall concerned about their pubic area. As a matter of fact, about 48% of men say that they recycle their underwear from the previous day. (Yes, we know that's gross, so you better step up). Surprisingly, (or not so surprisingly) only 1.01% of men check the fabric of the underwear before buying it, the rest just go by how it feels.

As important it is for women, men should also consider relevant things before making a purchase for underwear. Although, finding the right innerwear for men is not difficult. We know, there is a plethora of men’s underwear available online with different fabrics, patterns, or designs, choosing the underwear which is right for you can make a world of a difference. Somebody may acknowledge you or not, but a wrong pair of underwear can ruin your entire day. There is nothing worse than uncomfortable underwear.

Here are a few variants which you could choose as underwear for men or loungewear for men at XYXX Crew.

Men’s Innerwears At XYXX

Men’s Briefs Online

A brief about the brief, it is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. They are the most basic, classic, and standard pair of underwear which is suitable for every day. The reason men boxers are staple is that they come in a wide variety of ranging fits, colours, and fabrics. They cover the entire groin decently and give enough support to your crowned jewels. Brief for men online is comfortable to be worn under any type of trouser as preferred and would give a seamless finish and good fit to trousers as well. Also, they are extremely comfortable to wear for sports and athletics as it leaves the side of your legs and upper thigh exposed which gives the maximum space to move your limbs. After all, there is something about briefs that make them a cult favourite for men!

You can get the best briefs for men online at XYXX. Choose from the collection that we have. Micro Modal Briefs give a perfect fit. Check the range to pick your colour - red, blue, black, yellow, white, grey, orange, green, navy blue and many more colours! You can choose from the pack of 2, pack of 3 or pack of 5.

Trunks For Men Online

Trunks are a hybrid between brief and a boxer brief. Men’s trunks became extremely popular soon after they were invented and then there was no going back. Trunks could also be defined as boxer briefs with shorter legs. Something which made them so popular is that they gave the fit of the brief and comfort of a boxer. Then how could anybody say no to it? Another high point that one can easily find colourful varieties and various patterns in trunks for men. If somebody is extremely fond of briefs and wants to try something new without compromising on fit, then trunks and you are a match made in Valhalla. They can be worn under any attire for a daily job or some sports event, they can be considered for swimming too.

You can get the best men’s trunks online at XYXX with free shipping options! Choose from the variety of products by XYXX Crew with various colours including blue, white, black, grey, yellow, orange and red. You can buy a pack of 2 trunks, a pack of three trunks or even a pack of 5 in different colours!

Best Boxers For Men

Boxers are the underwear for more breathability, they are more on the loose-fitting side, giving enough space and wind to your brother down under. Although it provides no major support, it gives maximum breathability which makes it a good choice to wear at home. There are varieties of boxers for men available online, it clearly means you can always find the one right for you and which suits your need and concern. Given the fact all the comfort they provide, boxers are a good choice to wear every day and also for leisure activities. Men can choose fitting according to their needs and purpose. Boxers can also be paired well with shorts.

You can get the best boxers for men online at best prices at XYXX Crew. Choose from the collection of boxers. Get the ones you like best - be it a black boxer for men or any colour of your choice. Our Combed Cotton fabrics give the men’s boxer shorts a comfortable fit to wear all day long.

Best Men’s Vest At XYXX

As we all are aware, vests for men are loungewear for the upper body which may or may not have sleeves. Cotton vests are a highly preferred choice of loungewear online for men, they are also known as sandos or banyans in some regions. It provides a seamless look below the shirts no matter what fabric they are. They also absorb sweat and control body odour which altogether makes you more hygienic and should be convincing enough to invest more in Vests.

Choose the best men's vests online with us at XYXX. Get your Cotton Modal Vest in any size - Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large or even Double Extra Large! We have it available in packs of 2, 3, and 5!

XYXX’s Loungewear Collection

Best Men’s Pyjamas

While sleeping nude has always been men's forte, that may not seem like a very viable option. Especially when you have to share your bedroom, then definitely not. PJs are extremely cool to wear not only at night time but are also a good option to wear it during the day. They can be your great companion while sipping on coffee, reading the newspaper, or watching that series on Netflix. They are extremely comfortable, give enough breathing space to your legs, and can also be chosen in so many colours! They may come in many fabric options, but the best and preferred one is cotton. Although there must be so many pyjamas online, you will find your best bet with XYXX.

You can get the most comfortable men’s cotton pyjamas online at XYXX. They are soft and printed. Pick your favourite design from our collection which has various colours and prints!

Supima Cotton T-Shirt From XYXX

Introduced as an undergarment, T-Shirts are now trendy outerwear and a staple in every closet. With so many fits, cuts, designs, and colours, T-Shirts spoil you for the choices to buy. One can never have enough of them, From classic white to trendy floral, T-Shirts can give you comfort and fashion in one single shot. Their ultimate beauty is that not only they can be worn alone, but they can also be paired well under jackets, hoodies, and jumpers. It comes in many variations and even more styles to suit your needs and body type.

You can get the best Supima cotton T-shirts at XYXX to wear as casuals or while Working From Home. They are comfortable yet not too casual to be worn out! Choose from the designs available in multiple colours. Get the best cotton t-shirts online in your favourite colour from us.

Best Boxers & T-Shirts Combo

Just as bland is french fried without ketchup, the same goes for Boxers and T-Shirts. One is incomplete without another. Buying a pair of boxers and T-shirts will not only help you with a better choice of colours but can also give you a better deal when compared to buying one-o-one. Wear it to play gully-cricket, at home aerobics, or just being a couch potato. A Boxer and T-Shirt is a no-fail combination to be with you.

Your search for boxer t-shirts online in India should stop at our website. You will get the most comfortable and soft Supima cotton Boxer & T-Shirt combo collection at XYXX. Make your pick for classy and comfortable Supima apparels now.

Men’s Pyjamas & T-Shirts

The only thing better than T-Shirts is Pajamas & T-Shirts for men available online. A man should always have a pair of Pajamas & T-Shirts to match. The ultimate leisurewear, this pair can be worn on early morning jogging, to catch up a late-night movie, or to simply go and have ice-cream at the nearest ice-cream parlour. This pair is guaranteed to never disappoint you in terms of colours or comfort.

You can choose from the best pyjama-T-Shirt combos available at XYXX. We have a collection of Pyjama & T-Shirts made of Supima cotton fabric. They are soft and comfortable to wear all day long. Buy pyjama & T-shirts online at the most affordable prices at XYXX. They are available in all sizes including Small, Medium, and Large!

Adorning Your Comfort - XYXX Men's Innerwear & Loungewear For Men

When selecting men's innerwear, one must bear in mind the body's anatomy and physique. This will help you pick the best one to have all-day warmth. Whether you buy for yourself or someone else, pick just the underwear that fits the wearer's personality. As a variety of varieties are available on today's market, men can pick and try different varieties before committing to one type or brand. The quality of make and comfort will vary from brand to brand, thereby helping to do some homework before making your final decision.

Men have an option to choose from various materials, fantastic designs, diverse types and cuts, in different shapes and colours. Whatever innerwear men wear, they must feel their best, and this can only be so if they find one with the right match.

There may be plenty of websites available to buy undergarments for men but at XYXX, we believe men deserve something beyond basic and boring.  XYXX caters to every man's preferences, from comfy and cool pyjamas to hot and trendy boxers. We aim to make men feel boss-some in their everyday essentials!

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