5 Advantages of Wearing Boxers

However fancy the clothes, that under-rated piece of undergarment matters most when it comes to comfort. The underwear is closest to the skin, and its softness, flexibility, and ease are of utmost importance. Amongst the variety of underwear choices for men, boxers remain an all-time favorite. The loose cut, with a stretch-band waist, is easy on the groin. It falls to mid-to-low thigh length and features a button fly or a flap opening through the mid-front. The wide legs and looser fits are perfect as sleepwear or even for lounging. A plethora of colors and patterns make the men's boxers a much-loved choice.

XYXX apparel offers an array of boxers for men that are breathable, odorless, healthy, and of optimum comfort. They are trendy, suitable as underpants, or on their own.

For those still on the fence about why men's boxers are so loved, read on!

Here are five advantages of wearing boxers:


Boxers these days come in various colors and prints. The colorful and unique patterns are a fashion statement on their own. The quirky prints and out-of-the-box hues in a breathable fabric add an uber chic and cool quotient to your personality


Everyday activities become enjoyable and less restricting in boxer shorts. These shorts are perfect to lounge around at home or on holidays, paired with a vest or a loose t-shirt. Of course, they are a super comfortable undergarment for days when you have to dress up more formally. On a lighter note, thanks to the pandemic, now you can attend your business meetings in boxer shorts, and no one will ever know. Did you ever dream of the comfort of a boxer at work?


Men's boxers are known as the do-all garment. The underpants facilitate airflow on warm days and keep the genital area ventilated and hygienic. Especially in warmer climatic conditions, these airy, agreeable shorts are the most comfortable for sleep. The loose fit of boxers allows freedom of movement. The front closures or flaps make pee-breaks in the middle of the night easier. Boxers do not cling onto the skin to breathe. They provide proper coverage while giving the man a modest silhouette. It covers the embarrassing bulges and makes for lesser laundry.

1. Material Variety: Usually crafted with soft, ventilated cotton fabric, boxers also come in various fabrics such as modal fabric, synthetic materials, silk, satin, merino wool, bamboo fiber, and hemp. Flannel and insulated woolen boxers are great for colder climates, while soft cotton is ideal for warm climatic regions

2. Sperm Production: Doctors recommend boxers to men who want to increase their potency. According to a majority of doctors, a clean groin area increases sperm production. Tight underpants may cause excess sweating and adversely affect sperm count and sexual drive. Boxer-fits facilitate better blood circulation and keep the genitals healthy. There are boxers with pockets in front for ice packs to decrease heat levels


At XYXX you can find some of the best 100% combed cotton premium boxers. XYXX guarantees an itch-free, plush, secure, and pleasant experience. Find quirky prints of sailing boats, lamp posts, number-plates, and many more for the risk-taking, fun-loving man and all-time favorite checks in various colors for the dashing gentleman.  XYXX delivers style and comfort like no other

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