Style, Swagger, Success: Top 10 Indian Male Models Redefining Fashion

Fashion and lifestyle can be different things for some people but for our Indian male models, it is a way of life. In this blog, we shall talk about some distinguished male models from India who have made a mark for themselves in the global fashion industry and continue to inspire so many people to emulate their sophistication. 

10 Top Male Models of India Who Have Written Their Success Story With Their Hard Work

These Indian male models have redefined fashion for men through their relentless hard work, panache, and of course, good looks! 



He started as a male fashion model but soon started making inroads into the entertainment industry through photoshoots, music videos, and movies. This model-turned-actor has an impeccable fitness level and he is often seen working for charities and noble causes through marathons and other fitness challenges. With his talent and dedication, he has garnered global recognition for his contributions to both the fashion industry.


Back in the day, Dino was one of the top male models in India. He enthralled the audience with his charming looks and acting finesse. The model-turned-actor has also had a successful stint in entrepreneurship.



When we talk about style and swagger, Vedang’s name has to make it to the list. The actor starred in a movie called The Archies. He played the character of Reggie and was an absolute delight to watch on screen. His debut movie had an ensemble cast but he stood out and how! Although he is just one movie old, his craze among his fans is awe-inspiring, and is one of the leading fashion icons in the industry. 



Arjun Rampal is the OG Indian male model who has tasted success in modeling, movies, and business. The model-turned-actor and entrepreneur is known for his boyish charm, classy appeal, and swoon-worthy looks.



KL Rahul is a famous sports personality who has also forayed into the modeling and fashion industry. He is a famous male model and a style influencer who can shoulder brand promotions owing to his athletic appeal, fan following, and amazing style sense. His personality brings forth an amazing blend of athletic charm and a stylish vibe. Unlock Comfort with KL Rahul's Favorite Edition in XYXX



He is the OG Indian male model who managed to make it big in the film industry owing to his handsome looks and talent. John Abraham has managed to catch hearts and eyeballs for his amazingly underaged fashion sense and his million-dollar smile.



While talking about Indian model men who have become famous, we have to mention Orry. Although he is not a quintessential model, his rise to fame in the past few months cannot be discounted. Orry has turned into a staple at Bollywood parties and his cool and quirky fashion sense is as appealing as it gets, his global recognition skyrocketed.



Siddharth is a famous male model who has amassed a major fan following for his outstanding work in the film industry. The handsome actor has been catching hearts ever since his first movie and his career trajectory has been nothing less than exceptional. Siddharth’s fashion sense is all about creating a style and suave look that complements his chilled-out demeanor.



Vijay is a class-apart actor who has given some of the most amazing performances of his career in the past few years. He is a male fashion model as well who has created ripples in the international fashion circuit for his dashing dressing sense. He has walked the ramp for many designers recently and how he carries his outfits in such a seamless and nonchalant manner is worth applauding. His role in cultural representation is truly noteworthy.



Randeep Hooda is well known for his raw looks and sharp acting abilities. He has done some excellent work in superhit movies. Besides that, he is also a famous male model who has graced the runway many times. The actor recently got married and nailed every look from the festivities.

All the above-mentioned Indian male models have owned the runway so many times throughout their careers and have also scaled great heights in the acting business and many other spheres. One factor that stays intrinsic to all these successful men is their amazing dressing sense. After all, when you dress well, you look good and when you look good you feel good also. That translates into your confidence and personality. If you also want to transform your wardrobe and incorporate garments that can elevate the appeal of your personality, we suggest you check out XYXX Apparel for men's clothing. Their amazing range of men’s outfits is going to completely spoil you for choice. 

FAQs on Male Indian Models

Who are some notable fashion icons in India?

Some people who have garnered global recognition for their fashion are; 

  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee: Famous for his opulent bridal wear and heritage Indian designs.
  • Manish Malhotra: known for his glamorous outfits. He often dresses Bollywood divas and other celebrities.
  • Ritu Kumar: She is a name to reckon with for Indian fashion and is known for her blend of traditional textiles with contemporary styles.

What role do style influencers play in Indian fashion?

Style influencers and Indian fashion icons are trendsetters as they introduce new fashion trends through their social media platforms. They also act as cultural bridges between traditional Indian fashion with global trends. 

How does Indian fashion contribute to cultural representation?

Indian fashion highlights the diversity of Indian textiles and supports traditional artisans and promotes handwoven and handcrafted products. This brings Indian cultural elements to the global stage. 

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