Underwear Problems All Men Face

What goes under, stays under, so you better choose wisely! If you have been underestimating the act of choosing the right pair of underwear for you then this blog will be making a pressing point. If you have even 2-3 of these issues, you need to ‘change your chaddis’ today! Luckily for you, our entire collection of men’s innerwear at XYXX saves you from each and every problem mentioned below:

  • Undies too tight: This can really get to you and ruin your entire game. In a tightly-packed room shifting gear isn’t the best idea; good luck getting your things back on track all day long.

  • Waistband impressions: Itchy, irritating and unignorable. That’s waistband impressions for you. If you have been living with the thought of them being a side-effect of wearing the underwear you probably need to change 2 things- your perception on this and of course, the underwear.

  • Chafing: Caused because of sweat and the rubbing of your underwear fabric with your skin, which can be quite problematic. Pick the right size or go for breezy boxers, especially during the hot summers in India.

  • Belly Lip: The belly lip is to men what muffin top is to women. Belly fat bulging out of tight waistbands, that’s not the best thing to flash by the beach or anywhere really. Try men’s shapewear and feel better about the belly.

  • Dampness: Could this be the worst of all underwear problems? Many men seem to agree. The dampness can get so bad for some it’s like walking out of a pool with your clothes on! Use an antifungal dusting powder to keep the sweat irritations away, wear the best, most comfortable modal fabric undies from XYXX, choose an appropriate waistband and save yourself some trouble.

  • Peek-a-boo: there was a time when peeking waistbands were considered trendy. How else would the world know you’ve splurged on a branded underwear? While the trend still lives, it is best done with style. If you’re gonna bend, might as well make some amends!

  • Loose underwear: Too much freedom will spoil the boys!!! Every once in a while you will regret the freedom movement of choosing baggy boxers and feeling free. Lack of support isn’t always a good thing. To know more watch ‘Friends S03E13- The man is showing Brain’.

  • Briefs or jockstraps: When it’s sexy, it’s seldom comfortable. That’s been the tragic saga of underwears for centuries. The scenario today is very different, check out XYXX extensive range of sexy, micro modal jockstrap in a modern fit for extra support and excellent hold.

  • Underwear lines: Lines are gross and just like rules, they too should be broken. There are options available with a no-show profile while the support and function are intact. You can wear your tight pants and the lines still won’t show.
  • Being aroused: This can land you in trouble and get you quite a few stares even if that wasn’t your intention. Your fate relies solely on how much your underwear can protect you with help from your pants in hiding your situation.

  • Adjustment issues: The wrong type of underwear can have you shifting your gear in public. It can really mess with your head and it won’t let you focus till you adjust it all. Over-adjust and you will give the world a very wrong impression.

  • Wedgies: Enough said.


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