Why Micromodal Beats Cotton Hands Down?

 Comparing Micromodal and cotton is like comparing comfort to cotton, and we all know comfort is our top preference. While cotton is widely used and comfortable until it’s new, however, it starts to wear off with it does start giving in to wear and tear through daily use much faster when in comparison to micro modal.

What is left is an itchy butt, skin impressions and a man who is subconsciously scratching and tugging. XYXX gives you a wide option to choose micromodal fabric men’s underwear!

Here’s why Micromodal fabric beats cotton when it comes to men’s underwear and the reason it is our number one choice:

1. Softness 

This has to be the predominant norm at any given point.Your underwear should feel good, comfortable & soft. It’s pretty much like having good food. It has to be satisfactory on your delicate skin instead of just looking good. Micromodal lends your undies a softness that cotton never would. You would probably wonder where it has been all your life when you try it on.

2. Shrinkage 

 Yes, cotton shrinks! Not overnight, but in due course of time, it will make you feel like you’ve grown bigger. Only you haven’t! It’s your cotton undies that are shrinking. Micromodal, on the other hand, isn’t susceptible to change and doesn’t break down like cotton.

3. The shape of U

To fall in love with the shape of U (undies), you need to choose Micromodal material over cotton underwear. With the ability to stay in original shape without any expansion or shrinkage even after wear and tear, this lends the product a significant advantage for automatically having a longer shelf life. Because it’s made from beech fibres, which are more resilient than many other textiles, It tends to hold its shape well.

4. Breathability

Breathability is the utmost priority when choosing underwear for men! MicroModal fabric in itself has the quality of breathability, along with moisture-wicking properties. Owing to the fine constitution of this fabric it makes you feel like you are wearing a second skin. Unlike regular cotton, it helps you feel cool and clean at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Why should one wear Micromodal underwear?

Ans:  It usually retains its shape well. When choosing underwear, breathability is of utmost importance. Breathability and moisture-wicking properties are inherent to Micromodal material. In addition, the fine composition of this fabric makes you feel like you are wearing a second skin. Check XYXX for interesting Micromodal underwear!

Q2. Is Micromodal fabric skin-friendly?

Ans: Micromodal is a specialised type of modal rayon; this rayon also has an excellent moisture-wicking profile and breathability. This fabric is exceptionally skin-friendly due to these properties!

Q3. Is Micromodal more breathable than cotton?

Ans: The fibre Micromodal, known for its softness, is derived from the beech tree. The fabric feels very silky to the touch and is very light. Additionally, because Micromodal is a thinner fabric, it's quite breathable as well as wicking moisture away from the skin.

Q4. What is micromodal fabric?

Ans. Micromodal is a premium, eco-friendly, soft fabric derived from the pulp of beech trees. Micromodal fabric is well known for its breathability and outstanding moisture-wicking qualities. Micromodal fabric is often used to make premium and cosy apparel including loungewear, activewear and innerwear like boxers and briefs.

Q5. What makes micromodal fabric so soft?

Ans. Micromodal gets its remarkable softness from the fine fibres used in its production. Micromodal fibres from beech tree pulp are far finer than those in conventional modal fabric. The texture of these fibres is silkier when compared to regular modal. The beech wood pulp is not treated with any harsh chemicals resulting it retaining its softness.

Q6. Is micromodal eco-friendly?

Ans. Micromodal is an eco-friendly fabric as it is made from the pulp of beech trees. These trees are often harvested sustainably, and they require less land and water than popular crops like cotton. Because Micromodal is biodegradable, its environmental impact is significantly reduced.

Q7. Can micromodal fabric be machine-washed?

Ans. Yes, apparel made from micromodal fabric can be easily machine-washed. Micromodal is a durable fabric that can withstand washing machine cycles. Ensure to choose a gentle cycle while washing clothing items made from micromodal. It is also recommended to use cold water for washing micromodal fabric in order to extend its softness and lifespan. Ensure not to dry clean or use bleach with a chlorine base on micromodal clothing as they can affect the soft fibres. In case of wrinkles, you can use a low-heat iron or garment steamer. It is always better to read the care instructions on the label.

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