How To Select The Right Underwear For Your Body Type?

Your underwear is probably the first item of clothing you put on every day. You think it is an easy decision, but it is challenging. Because of its concealed nature, not a lot of people dedicate too much time to thinking about what underwear they should wear. However, uncomfortable inners is a severe issue.

Even when you are shopping for underwear, whether online or at the store, many of you discount the fit of underwear as per body type.

Tell us if we are wrong!

The last time you picked your underwear, did the fabric, price and convenience of stock availability not be the main deciding factor in your purchase?

These are some common mistakes people make while purchasing underwear.

And why should your choice of underwear matter?

The right underwear, according to body type, could make or break your whole day. Well, if you are not comfortable from within, then that could translate in your work.

Underwear happens to be the bedrock of the outfit you intend to have on, and as such, it is worth giving high priority to.

Here is our lay down to help you: a guide to choosing the right underwear for your body type!


Underwear for the male body type: Know your style!

You may find that looking for the right underwear can be quite challenging. The perfect pair isn't just about how it makes you look but also more about how it makes you feel.

Is the fit too tight? Does the fabric have high breathability? Is it a natural fabric or synthetic? Does it have water absorption capacity? Is it befitting to your body type? These are many factors one needs to consider about undies and not just price and stock.


Why is the right underwear for the male body type so essential?

You may think: Why would your body type be a deciding factor for a piece of garment that does such little cover? Well, your underwear is still the first layer of clothing you put on. If the pair you're wearing isn't right for your body type, it will most likely make you uncomfortable.

Do you now know your body type? Good!

If you don’t, let us help you. Find your right body type here.

Male body type can be classified mainly into three categories: Ectomorph (lean), Endomorph (plump) and Mesomorph (athletic).

Of course, there is variation in this, and the world is not so black and white. However, this could help you in deciding how to choose the right underwear for your body type.

In theory, there are mainly four types of underwear to choose from; each serves a different purpose to give you comfort. Namely, they are briefs (snuggle fit), boxers (loose fit for breathability), boxer-briefs (secure fit but still ample breathability), and trunks (slightly slimmer cut than boxer-briefs).

The most important thing is that whichever type of underwear you choose, you remain comfortable.


So, which type of underwear is best for males?

Underwear for Men: Smaller Frame 

If you have smaller and slender body frames, that is, if you identify as an Ectomorph, then trunks are your best bet. Preferred because of their snug fit, Y-shape design on the front, and the fact that men can wear them under outfits for any occasion, Trunks are a must-have in your wardrobe.

Trunks have a tight waistband; hence it could be a bit tight on the waist area. However, the upper thigh features of a Trunk can give the illusion of smaller legs looking longer and more enhanced.


Underwear for Men: Athletic Build

Jockstraps are the ideal choice of style for men with athletic body frames or the Mesomorph. Remember Magic Mike? Yeah, something those boys can pull off or someone who works out regularly. They have three straps that join to form a comfortable pouch that protects the groin area during rigorous physical activities and provides excellent support to the nether region.


Underwear for Men: Average Build

For men with average body frames, briefs and boxer briefs are great underwear choices. They are also ideal for men who frequently exercise because briefs and jockstraps share a three-point design that allows for comfort and support while working out.

Briefs cover more skin than jockstrap though and have a larger waistband. Ideally, that should be comfortable around the hip area.

Men with larger bodies may find them uncomfortable as they might cause band marks to appear on the skin due to restriction across the tummy area.


Underwear for Men: Larger Frame

Boxer shorts are ideal for men with large body types or Endomorphs. They ace the baggy anti-fit style. This design allows room for comfort and breathability right around the more sensitive area. However, if you’re looking for support down there, then you should not consider adding boxer shorts to your wardrobe.

If you think taking the time to choose the right underwear for your body type is a waste of time, think again! The discomfort you will feel with the wrong pair is out of this world! Not to mention the health risks you're exposing your body to as well. Ultimately, the right men's underwear for your body type will have you feeling great, confident, and oh-so-sexy!

Who does not love the idea of comfort merged with fashion and convenience? Where you can look good and feel good!


Frequently Asked Questions

What underwear looks best on guys?

Depending on the body type of men, underwear like briefs, boxer briefs, trunks and jockstraps look good. These are anyway the basic innerwear that men tend to wear.


What are the different types of men's underwear?

The different types of men’s underwear are briefs (snuggle fit), boxers (loose fit for breathability), boxer-briefs (secure fit but still ample breathability), and trunks (slightly slimmer cut than boxer-briefs).


Should men's underwear be tight or loose?

Loose or the right fit is always better than tight. Tight underwear is detrimental to health and can give rise to fertility issues in the future.

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