10 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Underwear For Men

Underwear is not only the most important garb of the day, but it’s also actually the simplest too. You buy, wear, wash and repeat it. For generations men have underestimated the power of what lies inside a good pair of underwear, it can be a real game-changer. It is much like starting your day on the right note and simply sailing through the day without anything holding you back (pun intended). Sort your life and other things by simply keeping these 10 things in mind while buying undies and the rest will automatically fall into place.

Frustrated women


Your SIZE Matters:

We urge you to keep this at the top of your list. Underwear, tight or loose will turn into a disastrous purchase. If only tight is perceived as uncomfortable, loose is worse. It’s good to know your size and ask for the correct one with only your nose up in the air.

Size is all that Matters!


Choose your fabric wisely:

Thanks to our terrible weather conditions, the game of hot and cold will never end. The daily grind will always ensure you sweat precariously because you can’t do much about it. But, the truth can! Avoid sweat spouts and uncomfortable adjustments in public by simply choosing a fabric that can keep up with your hustle. Luckily for you, we at XYXX have spent years managing, researching and undertaking this problem, giving you a fabric that’s taking all these dilemmas away. Choose a cut you prefer in our soft, natural micro modal fabric and you’re set, but not to sweat.

Get Rid of Sweaty Undies


What’s your type:

Let’s be honest here; men have an opinion and a type for everything! Then why have you smarties left underwear out of the picture? Give people something new to look at every time you decide to strut your stuff (indoors or outdoors). Pick from a massive variety of styles, prints and cuts like boxers, briefs, trunks or jockstraps and get your groove on!

Types of Men's Underwear


Colour it all: it’s almost 2020, you can’t be seriously wearing only blue, black and white! If no one has been a true friend and given you sane advice, take it from us! Bring out that metrosexual male and embrace your sense of fashion and expression. The ladies will love it too. Yes, we have umpteen undies that will help you rock the show. You’re welcome!

Select Underwear Colour


Pattern or prints: Men have advanced to funky socks with quirky prints. Let’s take matters a little north and flash up your undies? Boxers with patterns are quite the rage these days. Get playful with matching sets of boxers for your partner too.

Solid vs Printed Select your preference


Band and Elasticity: The underwear band is much like your spine. It does all the work for correct support and takes care of you, but is ignored. A loose band can lead to things collapsing down there (we mean your undies will drop down). Keep matters in position by throwing away loose underwear and don’t keep them too tight to avoid band impressions, redness or itchiness cause that’s exceptionally off-putting mister.

Underwear Elastic Waistband


Washing guide: Fact is, you got to learn how to wash, maintain and dry your underwear much like the rest of your wardrobe. It's no pain, just a total gain. Just learn how to wash them right. P.S- Air-drying is the best.

Clean Underwear for No Rashes


For special occasions: A big date or a much-awaited night on the cards? A little experimenting can go a long way and trust your underwear to bring out your hidden personality like nothing else. How about surprising her with a thong? This year change the game and take your chances. After all, the ladies do it all the time, so why shouldn’t you?

Sexy Underwears


Added bonus: Feeling good on the inside can make you seem wonderfully attractive on the outside. Become more conscious of not just what you are buying but also the environment this product affects. At XYXX, we have the best product line, consciously manufactured thus making you a partner in the good we aim to do for the environment.

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