Underwear Mistakes That Could Affect You: Easy Steps To Avoid Them!

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Underwear isn’t rocket science: You find a pair you like, you spend a few extra bucks and use it for a couple of years. Eh, wrong!

How many men spend more than 10 minutes when it comes to buying their underwear? If you are one of them who doesn’t bother to spend a lot of time on this aspect, then you may also be making some most common underwear mistakes.

You might find it interesting to know about the mistakes you are making before buying and after owning the underwear.

Yes, it is essential to draw attention to various factors when it comes to your underwear, be it your vests or underpants. You would be surprised, on how correcting these innerwear mistakes by men could revolutionize your style and make you look dapper. Take a look and get inspired.

For example, please don’t wear a tank-top undershirt in public as a shirt. Period.

They may make you feel like a hipster, but in reality, you would end up looking like a dipshit.

Let us take a quick look at the worst undergarment mistakes every man should avoid!

The most common underwear mistakes you are probably making:

1. Flaunting that Undershirt/Vest!

Did you think showing your undershirt was a fashion statement? Well, you are sorely wrong! Never show what you are wearing inside over your T-shirt or formal shirts.
Go for undershirts that have broad necklines. Also, if your formal shirt is transparent, then try going for a matching shade undershirt as of your formal shirt.
It is a faux pas you should avoid.

2. Not replacing old underwear

There is a bit of separation anxiety many of you face when it comes to chucking your old undies, huh?

Many of you forget to replace your undies, which could be out of laziness or love. However, it is super important that you are out with the old underwear every 6-9 months, even if it is perfectly fine. If the waistbands have lost the elasticity, then it is time to shop for new ones. Replacing your underwear can even boost your confidence apart from saving you many health fatalities.

3. Wearing your vest as a shirt

Just wanted to write NO and get done with it but let us explain.
How many of you wear your vest as your razorback T-shirt? If you are one of them who forces you to make it look like a T-shirt, please don’t like something that is not even street style or thug life. Wearing for gym purposes is completely different and comes in various fabrics but please choose dark-hued undershirts specifically designed for the same.

4. Wearing a white vest under a white shirt

Pure blasphemy! Pro tip: Avoid wearing a darker shade or a white vest under your white formal shirts and kurtas. The vest can be clearly seen and it doesn’t make you look dapper. Make sure to wear a light grey or skin tinted vest that does not stand out.

5. Wearing tight underwear for nighttime

Planning to become a dad? That may not happen if you continue to wear tight underwear at night. Relax and go for loose underpants during nighttime, which would improve the quality of your sperm and even reduce the DNA fragmentation.

6. Wearing ill-fitted undershirt

Who would think that an ill-fit undershirt can make you look odd? Just because it is beneath your shirt, don’t forget to shop for a proper fit undershirt, else it would bunch out and add bulk to your body frame.

This is also one of the worst undergarments mistakes!

7. Using harsh detergents

The next time you do your laundry, take care of the detergent you are using for your underclothes. Private areas are much sensitive compared to the rest of your body and have a different PH level. Avoid non-hypoallergenic detergents and perfumed detergents that can cause irritation. Also, to make your underwear last longer, choose non-chlorine bleach. 

8. Wearing the wrong vest with shirts

The purpose of your undershirt is to absorb your sweat, so when you wear them, it should be like a second skin. If you have the V-neck T-shirt, go for V-neck undershirt and crew-neck undershirt for a similar type of T-shirts. 

9. Sagging underwear

No, the sagging trend is not cool and stylish and Tupac never did that and you are not Tupac. It is odd and not acceptable to show off your waistband in that manner. If you are wearing low-rise pants make sure you pick low-rise underpants.

10. Tucking pants in underpants

If you are consciously doing this bruh, please stop. This would possibly be the worst mistake you are doing, by tucking your dress shirt into your underwear, as sometimes you might turn up showing your underwear waistband. Also, it is super uncomfortable! So tuck your vest into your underwear and shirt under your trousers. 

11. Wrong fabric selection

Many forget to pick the right fabric with their outfits or focus on support, comfort and air circulation while buying their underwear. Avoid cotton undies during workouts as it absorbs sweat and would cause irritation. Go for nylon, spandex, rayon for the gym. For trouser pants, pick cotton, modal fabrics.

12. Wrong sized underwear

Don’t wear boxers with dress pants, slacks which would bunch out and bring an odd shape to your body, instead, pick boxer briefs. Don’t wear too tight undies, which would cause chafing of your skin. 

13. Not using hot water to wash them

The experts say that an average pair of dirty underwear contains one gram of bodily waste. Unbelievable? But that is the fact and hence if you want to kill the germs then wash them at a temperature of 65-70 degree Celsius.

Avoiding these mistakes is integral and with these tips above makes it easier now to absolutely rule out such underwear mayhem.

Innerwear shopping can be intimidating for most people and a lack of variety only compounds the problem.

While we willingly spend hours trying to find a perfect pair of jeans, we do less justice when it comes to selecting clothing that is intimate to our skin. It is time to do away with these avoidable blunders. Remember, what's on the inside also counts!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can tight underwear cause problems?

Yes! Tight underwear can impact your fertility, increase scrotal temperature and also lead to other health impacts like UTI!

Q. Is not wearing underwear bad for you?

Not really, unless you want to be caught in a compromised position or have cooties entering your body through your private parts. Not wearing underwear one time in bed at night is not a problem, making it a habit is definitely one.

Q. Can underwear be washed in hot water?

The experts say that an average pair of dirty underwear contains one gram of bodily waste. Hence, if you want to kill the germs then wash them at a temperature of 65-70 degree Celsius.

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