How To Inject Colour Into Your Wardrobe

Move over black and white!

If you thought that your wardrobe should meticulously comprise of only  these two sober shades, then you couldn’t be more wrong!

Bold colour in men’s style has emerged this last half a decade like never before. From witnessing major historic fashion creations and recreations, the cult of incorporating colour in the wardrobe and in the smallest of clothing items these days has paved it’s way of having their own unwavering personality. 

Revamp your wardrobe with colour this season - now that summer is round the corner, it is time to set the right tone for your clothes too!

Printed Pyjamas 

The best way to add some artsy yet colourful elements are Prints! 

Funky prints are so big this spring! From statement prints, to floral motifs and quirky bold designs, everyones flaunting them off! And why not?

Prints are always on the valiant side, unapologetic and who said you cannot make a statement with loungewear? Your loungewear sure occupies most space in your wardrobe, what better way to feel vibrant everyday if you have some colours added to your comfort wears. 

Quirky Boxers 

Boxers! Just the kind of stuff guys dream of the moment it’s close to the end of the day. Snuggling in that favourite quirky boxer with those favourite aztec or geometric designs or quotes, getting a chilled beer and pizza and playing some PS4?

Own some funky boxers this season! Add variety to your wardrobe and thematically even plan your nights around them, every day. 

Something fun to consider adding colour to apart from just your wardrobe - we mean your weekdays!

Monochrome Tee’s

A sure shot way of colour blocking your wardrobe is embracing the monochrome style. Not only is this a classic, but also a trend that can never go out of focus and has transcended its way into the new decade. Think Monochromatic T-shirts, pants & suits, tailored suits and blazers this Spring Summer 2020 for your #streetwearstyle 

Black, blue or white should not be your only standard choices you want to opt for, go experiment with different fun colours, whether it is according to the season or your mood. Don’t stop yourself from taking a risk. Revolutionise your day or evening attire and stand out with your clear bold choices!

Bold underwear & waistbands

This one’s an absolute must! If we are talking about adding colour without really having to turn your main style upside down then we absolutely cannot miss out on your basic essentials like underwear! From making fashion statements to steaming up your vacays, underwear has evolved from just being a tighty-whitey! Especially today, there is a huge demand and supply for stylised and comfortable men’s underwear with customised waistband that lets you flaunt it while you work out or you are at the beach or just at your home.

 Pick out your bold colours and choose amidst different hues and shades. 

You can even add various other accessories like handkerchiefs, socks, ties and bow pins! Go splash some colour this season wherever you go and not just in your wardrobe!


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    The print collection of under garments looks amazing

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