Lounging Around The House In Style For Men

Instead, how about you adopt tolook stylish at home and stay comfortable while chilling indoors? If you are working from home, chilling at home or just taking that much-needed break, know that we all have moments where we need fashionable yet relaxed clothes.

There has been an increase in the casual and athletic clothing options for men and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices for men’s loungewear. Breaking down the definitive men’s loungewear guide to look stylish at home.

Here is what you can wear at home to be at your comfortable and stylish best.

A brief history of loungewear

The advent of active and leisurewear brands as well as high fashion clothing heralded the arrival of a new era of style. This shift in casual standards outside of the house changed how we dress for all kinds of occasions. Thus, the athleisure niche was born as a category of fashion which aims to be both stylish and functional for the modern men. 

This category includes modern loungewear and athletic wear. 

For now, we are highlighting the loungewear and portion of the athleisure niche.

We see how common it has become to see fashion loungewear in the street, on planes, and at the grocery store, almost everywhere. The rules for what to wear while out and about have changed since brands started putting loungewear as outerwear on the runway. Talk about those pyjama top trends!

As our lifestyle becomes more fluid, fashion loungewear is evolving to fit our needs. Loungewear today is designed to work with the modern man’s life. It’s nothing if not functional yet stylish!

Variety in Loungewear: Bring style home

Loungewear can be confusing to pick as an ensemble, especially if you want to start looking stylish while curating that wardrobe for those impromptu Zoom calls and just about anything now. 

Let’s give you a basic listicle of the loungewear essentials that cannot skip your wardrobe today.

1. Love for T-shirts:

A solid colour t-shirts for men is the most basic item of clothing that one can wear at home. It is easy, effortless and an absolute must-have item in every modern loungewear wardrobe!

The key to a great loungewear look is simplicity and high-quality fabric. Go for muted tones and pops of colour - keep that aesthetic and understatement with a solid range of colours. The best part about T-shirts from premium fabrics like Supima cotton is that they are durable, vibrant and highly colour resistant, thus giving you long-lasting wear! If you want to make this look smarter for the house, keep it plain and minimalistic. 

A clean looking T-shirt always looks crisp, combining the easy to wear piece with a hint of minimalist style. Opt for looser, longer fit or v-neck for the standard slim to regular fit.

2. Luxury Loungewear:

What is luxury loungewear? To simply put no it’s not a Chanel PJ’s or anything super high league. It is more of relaxed men’s home-wear clothes or cotton co-ords which are incredibly comfortable to wear and best made from premium authentic cotton fibres and materials.You can call it grown-up pyjamas if you must and they are perfect to wear. The reason why it is differentiated into luxury is because of the fabric and the fit. Made from the most luxurious kinds of cotton, modal and other super soft and stretchy materials make them the unanimous choice for undebatable stylish loungewear game on point.

3. Men’s home-wear clothes: Pyjamas :

Pyjamas are the ultimate loungewear style and breathe sophistication into your wardrobe. They are a quirky reflection of personal style and are available in a variety of design and fit. So if you are someone who likes to play it safe you should think about boosting some pattern and colour with PJ’s? 

If you're naturally a Classico, go for plaid or stripe patterned pyjamas that are always in trend and are reminiscent of times when aristocracy didn’t have to work.

For the urban modern man, a plain t-shirt and cotton shorts for men could be a good alternative to PJ’s, if at all.

4. Basic Loungewear:

We could probably call luxury loungewear to be basic loungewear, albeit at a more affordable range in price. Please note that just because it is more affordable does not mean it is of poor quality. Brands like XYXX cater to basic essential loungewear that is premium yet affordable for the millennial men.

Combining men’s home-wear shorts or boxer pants, pyjamas, trendy t shirts for men and co-ords in a variety of designs and styles make this categorisation the perfect one-stop destination for basics in lounge style. 

Pair the same colour in T-shirt and loungewear shorts and create the best men’s home-wear clothes. 

5. Boxers, Briefs & Thermal Underwear:

Underwear is a very private affair between a man and his choice in underwear style, isn’t it? When buying underwear as loungewear, one should consider the key factors: finding a pair of high on breathability and that is supportive but not too tight.Avoid satin in boxers as they stifle airflow. For a great all-rounder, opt for natural fabrics like modal that are comfy, flexible and moisture-wicking. Say no to synthetics; your privates will thank you for it, especially in summer and high humidity areas. 

To sum up the basic lounge styles at home: 

Pick ensembles that are aesthetically pleasing and striking.
If in doubt go for more solid pieces over patterns, graphics or any loud designs.
Opt for comfort wear with a good fit to maintain a level of smart casual look even while wearing casual clothing.
Loungewear is your perfect laid back style choice without trying too hard.
Wear the same colour top and bottoms to create a co-ords look.

And there you have a very concise listing of the best comfortable casual clothing you can wear around the house. Let the lockdown not take away your desire to be stylish and classy, we have ways to work around it.

This men’s fashion guide will get you there while maintaining and combining the highest level of fashion and comfort. Isn’t that like every guy's dream come true?

Now even fashionable can be relaxing.

Flaunt your new found lounge style on Instagram as well and post it for that #stylegamestrong #ootd while #loungeathome.

Fashion has always been a mouthpiece for current cultural trends. This slow living during the pandemic has made more brands to fulfil this gap and turn their hands to craft lounging in style by creating well-designed garments for men to simply lay around the house in style.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How is loungewear different from sleepwear?

Sleepwear is designed exclusively for bed.  Pieces like drawstring trouser-style bottoms or blousy nightshirts. It is usually in bold colours or fun prints, and it fits generously with copious amounts of room for movement.Materials are often casual-comfy, like fleece and flannel. Loungewear is more sophisticated and tailored to fit. Typically, the colours range from black, grey or rich, dark solids like blue and reds. A classic loungewear

wardrobe comprises coordinating separates like tees, tanks, jackets, leggings, pants or capris that you can mix and match. It is more fitting and is usually made from modal or cotton blends. Wear it for running errands, having guests over or being a well-dressed houseguest yourself.

2. How can I look stylish at home?

Incorporate the basics of loungewear and create a separated wardrobe extension. Keep the basics and mix to match your various style layouts.

Focus on a clean fresh appearance, aesthetic style, solids with good fitting!

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