When Comfort Meets Style = Printed Boxers!

A quick raise of hands when we ask how many of you are guilty of hoarding up on printed boxers?

Well, don’t you worry.

We totally understand why that happens. After all, comfort is of the essence.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why as a brand we have focused so much on crafting stylish yet super comfy boxers for you.

Our combed cotton fabric keeps you at the maximum comfort level, with a softness so fluffy, you want to actually wake up smiling and stay in those boxers all day!

When was the last time you felt like your Monday mornings could have been better with a pump of freshness and good vibes? Probably every Monday ever! While WFH has all of us spiralling under pressure, the internet has curated several hacks to keep us pulling through the week!

However, what is inevitable is curating a space that is filled with comfort for us. And no amount of tips and tricks can fix the comfort that comes from within.

Men’s basics essentials are so widely available that it can be confusing to even understand what you are looking for and then proceed to buy what you need.

During these times, when the maximum of your day is spent being indoor bound, we suggest upgrading your comforts! How about merging prints and colours with our boxers?

Imagine you are on a zoom call and suddenly you had to get up to get something and boom! The only element making an impression here and telling your office pals a hell lot about your personal vibe are obviously your personal basics!

Trust us when we say this but printed boxers are immediately going to up the ante for you.

Someone who likes working in style, looks after their personal hygiene and has fun while addressing the loungewear element in style is a man people love to have around them. Yes, you read that right! Also, when you decide to post a picture on the gram, those boxers are gonna look darn good in your WFH setup.

If nothing else, we had get those prints for the gram and post it for #WFHessentials and #aesthetics edit! There you go, you are now an inspiration! The guy who wears printed comfy AF cute boxers that their gf loves and wife adores!

Shop our super stylish range of printed boxers now and maybe do a 9 grid series on your social media to document your changing style based on your moods?

Just the “new normal” WFH stuff dude!


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