Born into a family with a rich heritage in textiles, Yogesh’s upbringing was always steeped in the intricate threads of the trade. From an early age, dinner table conversations included discussions on fabrics, weaving techniques and market trends, igniting his fascination for the industry. After completing his MBA from Hult International Business School, he pursued a promising career in the US but soon realized his true passion lay in entrepreneurship.


Returning to Surat in 2015, Yogesh immersed himself in his family’s textile business whilst discovering massive scope for product innovation in the menswear segment. In 2017, after meticulous market research and preparation, Yogesh founded XYXX Apparels, specializing in men's innerwear, loungewear, and athleisure. With a unique blend of global perspective and traditional wisdom, XYXX embodies Yogesh's entrepreneurial drive and commitment to quality craftsmanship.


Welcome to the world of XYXX, where innovation and craftsmanship set the tone for superior comfort. From premium fabrics to vibrant colours and prints to impeccable fits and cool designs, we set the bar high and deliver on our promise of superior products time and time again. After all, we all aspire for the best and every one of us deserves to Live Better and Wear Better.


In crafting the name for the brand, the team delved beyond mere genetics. Acknowledging the scientific distinction between men's XY chromosomes and women's XX, we aimed for a name that would evoke curiosity and intrigue. As our founder aptly puts it, in a crowded market, both the product and its name must stand out. And boy, do we stand out?


We’ve been rewriting the rules of comfort and confidence when it comes to menswear since our inception in 2017. We combine excellent craftsmanship, innovation and technological expertise to make high-quality, affordable products. What sets us apart from the rest?

The MicroModal Comfort

In a sea full of cotton underwear, XYXX walked into the market with Tencel Modal underwear, that is 3X softer and 50% more moisture absorbent than regular cotton underwear. MicroModal is also biodegradable and natural. This means any clothing made with MicroModal will return to the earth within one’s lifetime.

Risk free return

Who would have thought you could return underwear you bought online? Nobody. But XYXX did. Standing true to our customer-first policy, we introduced risk-free returns on underwear so that nobody has to feel ‘undie-trapped’ ever.

Colours, Prints and Cool Waistbands

XYXX burst onto the scene, injecting a vibrant splash of colours, contemporary prints, and cool waistbands, giving the perfect goodbye to the mundane era of plain white, black, and grey men's underwear.