13 December 2023
BY XYXX Apparels Private Limited


Homegrown menswear label XYXX is known for their comfortable innerwear and loungewear. With their new lines Alpha, Ascent & Moveo, they take a bold step into the Athleisure scene.

Founded by Yogesh Kabra in 2016, XYXX has grown at a rapid pace in the market, backed by its innovative products and premium quality. From being a preferred choice for men’s innerwear, they now foray into Athleisure with various contemporary designs.

XYXX launches its Athleisure collection with Alpha, Ascent & Moveo

With the desire for trendy, versatile and seasonless clothing that fits their patrons’ year-long needs, the brand found an answer in Athleisure, refuting the wear-and-discard mentality of the past. The designs are the product of Harshad Panchal, the visionary behind all of XYXX’s products. The new collection explores creativity while keeping functionality as the hallmark, with the use of emerging style trends such as techwear. With a carefully curated choice of fabric and a futuristic edge to the designs, XYXX’s advent into athleisure embraces contemporary fashion.

Modelled around the ever-evolving fashion sensibilities of the modern man the collection aims to be a staple in the wardrobe of a well-dressed man.  The collection is a range of jackets, hoodies and joggers with a touch of sophistication and the edge of XYXX’s designs to curate clothing that suits both utility and style needs. Lifestyle Asia India catches up with Harshad Panchal as he shares his insights about the collection.

Tell us a little about XYXX’s new athleisure line. What was the inspiration behind it?

XYXX has always crafted apparel for the discerning Indian man who is on a quest for the next. From innerwear to loungewear, we have focused on elevated basics that are super stylish, lightweight, easy to move in and built for the modern age.

This season we launched athleisure with 3 new lines – Alpha, Ascent and Moveo, with a range of hoodies, jackets, cargo pants, and co-ord sets, by a desire for trendy, versatile and seasonless clothing. Think bold colour blocking, stylised silhouettes and minimalist, modern detailing that gives your everyday wardrobe a refined upgrade. We have always added futuristic styling twists, including pockets designed for phones and other devices, while continuing to leverage the functionality of innovative fabrics.

How does XYXX cater to the modern man?

We define the modern man of today as someone who’s always striving to live better. It is the everyday hustlers, the movers & shakers who are always striving, always connected, always focused and always showing up. Their choices reflect their penchant for life and XYXX is their partner in style and comfort.

Our athleisure is crafted with a blend of cutting-edge style, unparalleled comfort, and flawless functionality that not only redefines fashion but also enhances the way men experience comfort and functionality.

How does the athleisure line imbibe techwear for more futuristic designs?

Both “techwear” and “athleisure” refer to function-forward garments designed with purpose-specific materials and features. However, the visual aesthetics of each niche reflect the difference. Masculine outerwear is typically associated with a “hard” look, typified by boxy silhouettes, geometric shapes, metal hardware and materials designed to be barriers against the elements. We strive for minimalism with subtle, stylised detailing, modern shapes, sharp edges and streamlined silhouettes. Our new collections blend the best of athleisure and tech wear as Alpha, Ascent and Moveo channel that school of thought into the design language. Our choice of materials is fundamental in this vision, and with scuba sleek fabric, reflective detailing, low lustre sheen and more, we have gone the extra mile.

How do the designs marry comfort and style?

Our athleisure stands at the cusp of fashion and functionality. The collections have the right mix of luxurious staple pieces that are designed to last, alongside edgier key pieces from the current time to ensure you’re always on point. Our athleisure has cool features like wrinkle-free fabrics, extensive extra pockets for travel essentials and devices, comfort and breathability for long flights, and low weight and small form factor for easy packing. Our approach injects vibrancy into smart casual wear, blending saturated mid-tones with refreshing, joyful accents. From the timeless to the modern, these are the garments every well-dressed man should have in his wardrobe this season. Even in terms of colour palette, we have ethereal whispers of the palest grays and modern blues, to more pop tones of red and green to ensure you’re spoilt for choice.

How has the brand’s journey been from an innerwear brand to now foraying into fashion?

While our core category remains innerwear, it has never been far removed from fashion. With our choice of fabric and designs, we’ve always blurred the lines of what is considered functional and what is considered fashionable- especially since we know it can be both. Even within innerwear, we have pushed the boundaries of design and launched multiple ranges of briefs, trunks, inner boxers, outer boxes and more! Next, we launched lounge and comfortwear, for those lazy Sundays and chill, easygoing nights. With athleisure, we definitely amp up the fashion quotient to a new level, catering to the Indian man who is always on the go. XYXX is now a comprehensive men’s lifestyle powerhouse and our product categories will only expand in the near future.

What are the future plans of the XYXX brand and any new designs on the way?

There’s a lot more coming up in the pipeline and it couldn’t be a more exciting time for us on the product front. As the mercury drops, we will be launching Alterra Jackets that are crafted from luxuriously soft fleece and adorned with vibrant pop color details. We also have a robust line up for Spring Summer, with new product categories, more depth in the categories we already have and just overall a more holistic, lifestyle approach to the offering.


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