Your Must Have Yoga Underwear

Underwear is a man’s first productive decision in the day and it determines everything that follows. While many yogis opt for the commando version, there are plenty of practitioners who are prounderwears. The best pair of underwear for yoga can make a massive difference in our comfort levels as you move from one pose to the next.

In XYXX, we believe men deserve underwear that is beyond functional, as a brand we know how crucial it is to choose the best underwear for yoga and have found perfect hacks giving you the best selections which are beneficial for workout activities.

We offer a varied range of products - trunks, briefs, boxers, jockstraps, vests, pyjamas and t-shirts for men.
The fabric used for our innerwear is MicroModal, which is the most premium underwear fabric across the world.

MicroModal is 3 times softer than cotton, feather-light, cooler to touch and upto 50% more moisture absorbent than cotton, making it the perfect fabric for our daily workouts and overall movement in the Indian weather.

MicroModal is also biodegradable and natural with alluring prints offered by XYXX which are unique and consisting of fun elements. The necessity of breathable underwear is definitely a worthy investment that people tend to overlook. The best underwear is not just a piece of clothing, it should be an experience.

XYXX provides rash resistant, 3X softer, 16% cooler and 50% more moisture absorbent properties than cotton underwear. Light years away from boring, the  brand is here to offer the ultimate comfort, fit, support and quality. 

XYXX is Men’s Underwear - Reinvented.

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