Working From Home In 2020? Who Says You Cannot Keep It Stylish!

Renew Combed Cotton Boxer Shorts Ice BlueRenew Combed Cotton Boxer Shorts Ice Blue

one of the most major changes that have happened is the culture of Work From Home! From starting new jobs via Skype calls to arranging your team meetings through Microsoft Teams, things have changed a lot. And what does that mean – a sea change in the world of fashion! Wearing formals all day at home can be difficult. But choosing the right kind of attire is also important. Now work from home clothes are no more boring and uncomfortable with comfy clothing styles.

Here is a definitive summer innerwear guide for all men:

Fashion for Men

If one looks at fashion for men, it hasn’t always been a much-explored field, until very recently. With more and more looks coming up in the last few decades, men’s fashion has seen a huge spurt of growth. Of late, if one is looking for comfort clothing styles for men, then a lot of them are opting for bamboo cotton clothing which is an option worth trying mainly because of the comfort factor; and comfort is something that we all want! Now trendier and more comfortable designs are coming up. So men also have an array of comfort pieces to try out!

The basics of work from home clothes

When it comes to work from home clothes, there is a very important factor that one has to bear in mind – Comfort. Yes, that’s the most important criteria. If your clothes are not comfortable and if they are not work clothes that feel like pyjamas, then are they even work from home clothes? So, when it comes to selecting your work from home clothes, you will have to make sure that they are not only comfortable but that they also need to look presentable, just in case you have to sit for a Video Call. Thus, you need two things – style and comfort, both. So, how do you make sure that you have that? Is there a new trend? Come, let’s find out!


Nothing spells fun and looks better than pyjamas! Comfy to the core, pyjamas are something that you can wear any time when you are working from your house. If you want, when it comes to staying at home outfits, you can surely make this your staple one. All you need to do is keep on changing them from time to time – otherwise, it's the most comfortable of the lot. And if you want, for those late-night calls, or even late-night work sessions, you can always throw in a cute pyjama set for a zoom call; because we are sure nobody would mind! Haven’t tried out work from pyjamas yet? You must, now!


Okay, so here’s another staple that has attained new heights in the season of work from home. When it comes to t-shirts for men you can always stick to the solid coloured ones which are fashioned out of Supima clothing. They are the best when it comes to comfort. You can keep it plain and you can pair them with either plain pyjamas or even printed ones! Whatever, you go for, make sure they are comfortable to wear and of good quality.

Pyjama T-Shirts Set

Here’s our favourite one of the lot t-shirt-pyjamas sets! Not only are they comfortable, but they are also good when it comes to hitting a balance between semi-formals and work from home. They are actually one of the favourites when it comes to casual clothes to wear at home which has shot up in terms of popularity now with the arrival of the WFH culture. Hence this one is a classic.

T-shirt Boxers Set

Well, if you like to keep it light at home while working (pssst…we all do!), then it is best to go with men's shorts-t-shirts online! They are not just comfortable but they make you feel right at home. And don’t think too much about those office video calls, no one will be able to see your shorts, until and unless you want to flaunt them.

So, these are the work from home trending styles which will keep you sorted fashionably. When it comes to purchasing the best quality bamboo cotton clothing and clothes which perfectly suit your ‘what to wear at home all day’ needs, you can always turn to the XYXX Crew! Shop from them and get all that you need for loungewear for men, the perfect option for your WFH clothes!


Ques: What underwear material dries the fastest?

Ans:  Synthetic , synthetic blend and bamboo fabric are considered to be the fastest drying capacity when we talk about the underwear as the fabric itself has the quality inbuilt . These fabrics hardly take an hour or two to dry as they hold less water and dry fastly. 

Ques: Does cotton dry quickly?

Ans : Pure cotton dry faster when we talk about natural fabric , but it’s very rare that you can find 100% pure fabric but when we talk about the fabric available in market then of course it is not considered to be fast drying fabric , fabric like polyester , nylon are considered to be fast drying fabrics .

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