Trunks: Must-Have Wardrobe Essential!

Science has spoken. Yes, guys! Science. Experts and research carried out have proven that Trunks is an indispensable member of a men’s wardrobe-essentials. And we are all aware, great wardrobes have one thing in common: a strong foundation of essentials.

Millennials are defined by the trunk. So what makes trunks so unique and popular? How does the trunk get the maximum vote for comfort?

Trunks are increasingly becoming the unanimous choice in the underwear style category. If consumer choices are to be believed, the underlying power of trunks is in the fact that they are a powerful combination of boxers and briefs.

They take the best features of both the styles and combine them into the perfect underwear that provides support and the greatest fit for most men.

Trunks give a little more coverage than a brief, without the excess fabric that can cause problems with boxer brief styles.

Designed with a shorter leg than a traditional boxer brief, they usually don’t have a functional fly. You can get styles that use high-quality, moisture-wicking fabrics that are luxurious, light, and looks great.

1. Advantages of wearing trunks as opposed to other underwear

The underdog of underwear style, trunks for men truly requires the attention and appreciation that is long overdue. And we are here to give it!

Men’s trunks have been gaining popularity in recent years, but the correct terminology for this style isn’t as well-known as it should be.

It’s like that amazing guy who talks to you at work daily and always holds the elevator door for you and who you recognise in the most friendly manner possible— you know, the one with the hair, and, like, that face — but whose name you’ve never bothered to retain in the last couple of months and you let that saga continue. Just like Bill from the 6th floor did not know who Chandler was! (Friends fan, where are you at?)

Trunks are like the flashier, cooler, perfectionist and suave cousin of the briefs. Trunks are extremely versatile and provide that extra length for good measures. This helps to cover up your thigh and also aids in light athletic activity. The flexibility and stretch of the style and material help to keep you at inner peace the whole day. The covering and length also help in minimising incidents of chafing and rubbing through the length of the thighs.

So how exactly does a Trunk fit on men of different body types?

• Men with muscular thighs: The Trunk helps show off that extra muscle.

• Men with a shorter height: The Trunk can give the illusion of longer looking legs. It helps provide a more proportional appearance and thus creates the visual appearance of greater height.

• Men who just want to show a little more skin for any reason: Trunks are a way to boost and capture this lovely confidence. We are all for it!

• Men might opt for the Trunk as a similar-length alternative to the looser-fitting Boxer, for more support, for a tidier, updated look, or to reduce the discomfort and poor appearance of bunching under slimmer-fitting pants.

• Men might opt for the Trunk over the Boxer Brief for less bulk and heat retention in warmer weather, and invisibility under most shorts.

• The Trunk can be a great option for men looking for a balance between comfort and sex appeal.

• Printed trunks and men’s mini trunks provide that perfect rhythm!

2. The must-have men’s wardrobe essentials!

Underwear styles and shopping for the same can be tricky territory, even for men!

Needless to say, it requires a great amount of patience, skills, genuine interest and inclination towards a great comfort fit from within that zeroes down to the men’s wardrobe-essentials.

Apart from the trunk which by now you may realise it is a must-have in your wardrobe, do not forget to include the following as a part of your men’s wardrobe essentials:

1. Briefs: The classic uncomplicated style. It cuts at the start of the thighs and is close-fitting. They are the most comfortable and soft. Also allows for maximum movement and flexibility in daily life.

2. Boxer Briefs: Nothing beats boxer briefs in style. A bit longer than trunks, they are close-fitting as well and have that edge while they make the body look longer. Depending upon the right fit, they can be extremely comfortable and they outrank all other styles in terms of functional aspects as well!

3. Trunks: Stunning to look at, gorgeous length, verified by science and endorsed by the millennial men: do not doubt your trunks boy!

4. Boxers: The ultimate loose fit shorts that are a one-stop comfort destination and don’t need convincing to be a part of your essentials!

While trunks are an excellent alternative for anyone who either wears briefs or boxers and is looking to change it up a little bit. However, men’s wardrobe essentials do require a varied mix with trunks for men as a must-have. They have the snug feeling of the brief with a bit more coverage, and without the issue of riding up and fabric bunching that you can get with boxers.

They are especially great choice if you wear slim or skinny pants. These days the fit and feel of trucks can make an exceptionally comfy option with a slim fit and skinny styles of pants. The high tech, sweat-wicking material that most underwear brands use these days also goes a long way, thus ensuring your underwear are pleasant to wear throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are essentials important?

Ans: Essentials are like the strong foundation of a building. The stronger the foundation, the better the durability of other aspects. Similarly, one can wear as many suave, flashy, expensive clothes on the outside, but just like a person’s characteristics, it’s the inside that matters.

Essentials help you to achieve maximum output in your day-to-day work by keeping you comfortable, at ease and helps with the outer appearance of your clothes and the way they fall on you.

In short: Essentials elevate your everyday styles and mood. Don’t ditch those essentials!

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