What Does Your Boxer Say About You?

The quintessential boxers are a popular favourite and an everyday staple for most men. If you’re someone who enjoys their personal freedom in comfort and style, you probably own this underwear. Different types of boxers are also known for their functionality and versatility, making them even more well-liked.  

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Ubiquitous as boxers are, the choice of boxer shorts pattern differentiates one man from the next. The boxer patterns you choose reveal something about your personality. Here, we look at the different types of mens cotton boxer shorts and patterns and what they say about you.

The Classic Boxer Patterns

If your boxer shorts pattern preferences lean towards classical prints such as the checkered prints, you are someone who doesn’t like to stray too far from trusted underwear options. Since underwear is not for everyone to see (as it should remain), you don’t see the point in investing too much time in picking out different types of boxers. In fact, by choosing classical options, you give yourself one less thing to worry about. Sound right? Go on and treat yourself to a pair of classical boxers on XYXX!

The ‘Out There’ Prints

While you enjoy the practical advantages of wearing boxers (think: comfort, ease, and convenience), you’re also someone for whom the concept of ‘look good, feel good’ starts from within. You are unafraid to experiment with different kinds of underwear—and show it off when need be, too. Given that, the selection of boxer patterns at XYXX featuring eccentric prints such as lightning bolts and bananas are perfect for you. 

The Fun Prints

Be it vibrant prints- camera pattern, or comical lighthouses; you embrace the timelessness of the print boxer shorts patterns that you wore as a teenager. You’re someone who still enjoys the fun that comes with the functionality of different types of boxers. Embracing your passion for all things quirky and light-hearted, your wardrobe is probably one that boasts of geeky clothes. Young at heart, you like to team your boyish charm with practical choices.

You can also read about what your underwear colour says about you.

The Plain Man

For the no-nonsense man, plain or basic coloured boxers are the go-to choice. Your focus is on the everyday comfort that the different kinds of underwear offer. Your approach is straightforward and practical.

Since boxers come in various silhouettes from loose fitted to slimmer alternatives, they leave plenty of room for experimentation. You can style the relaxed-fit boxer shorts patterns with shorts or jeans. However, when it comes to trousers or dress pants, opt for the tailored-fit boxer patterns. Besides being versatile, our men’s boxer shorts pattern variety offers style and sophistication suited to every man’s needs. Be it nature-inspired prints, abstract patterns, or plain colours - we’ve got just the variety for you at our premium men’s apparel store, XYXX! 

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