What Does Your Underwear Colour Say About You

What Does Your Underwear Colour Say About You

Almost everyone knows that there are various meanings and interpretations of different colours. Are you one of them who pays too much attention to the colours while buying underwear? Then you have come to the right place to know about the meanings of the different coloured underwear. The era when the only type of underwear men wore was Tighty-Whiteys is gone, and a new generation of colourful underwear has come. In this article, we will be discussing what your underwear colour says about your personality. 

  • Black


For decades, black has been the most popular men's underwear colour. Moreover, black will always be the most favoured underwear colour for men. Black represents power, authority, sophistication and sexiness. Thus, whenever you want to look bold and sexy, get into black underwear. You can try XYXX's Apollo and Uno underwear collections. They come in different attractive colours and of course, even black! The best thing about black is that it suits all age groups and sizes. Black is classy and it shall never go out of fashion. Furthermore, black also represents incredibly powerful, seductive and deep passions. Therefore, if you are in a fix regarding your underwear colour, black underwear is your way out! 

  • White


White underwear is also called Tighty-Whiteys, but it will not go out of fashion just like the colour black. White is a colour of peace, purity and naturality. It also looks fashionable when patterns and prints are added. Not a popular one, but White underwear can be found in every man's wardrobe. White is also a colour of traditions. Men who love to wear traditional attires love white lingerie. Girls are said to be more attracted to these boys as they are known to be trustworthy and honest. Furthermore, it's very rare to find a traditional guy. So, several reasons are there to make white the best option for boys. If you want to find the best innerwear for men online, then you can go with XYXX, the best men’s innerwear brand.

  • Blue


Blue is the colour that is loved by both men and women. Blue is a colour of honesty, softness, stability, charm, honour and understanding. Thus, there are enough reasons, for which blue should be one of the most popular underwear colours. Every man wants to have at least a few pairs of comfortable boxers (Check how to find the ideal one!). Boxers that have blue patterns and prints look impressive. Blue underwear for men gives you a feeling of royalty. Since blue is loved by both the genders, you can wear blue underwear without any hesitation. XYXX's Apollo and Uno underwear collection has many attractive blue shades. You can try the other colours offered by XYXX, as well. Find the most comfortable and best boxers for men here. 

  • Red


We all know that Red is the colour of love and passion. It also signifies enthusiasm, confidence, lust and romance. The colour red signifies the boldness of your character. If you are bold enough to wear red, you are ready for any kind of adventure. If you are a girl looking for a gift for your man, then you can give him red underwear. XYXX has the best collection of underwear for men. Look for the ultimate guide to buy underwear for men? CLICK. You will find the best briefs online if you are looking forward to buying any of their underwear. They have designed Apollo underwear for men to keep you cool and dry, so you are always ready for adventure. 

  • Green & Pink

The colour green represents practicality and earthiness. Each one of us can sense the natural serenity when there is green around us. The various shades of green represent emotional healing as well as protection. Furthermore, it soothes our minds. Therefore, a man in green underwear is ready for a laid-back experience with nature. On the other hand, pink is associated with the feminine side. However, it lets you have a fair idea about the feminine aspect of your personality. Nowadays, men wear this colour to attract the opposite sex and when the mood is set to be playful. 

  • Orange & Purple

Orange is the colour of a love-hate relationship. It is both loved and hated by many. Thus, making it a neutral colour. Moreover, orange is the colour of an athlete's personality. Sportspersons love this electric colour on their shoes and accessories. Whether the girls love this colour or not, whatsoever, modern men still love to wear their orange underwear. It also signifies creativity, determination and enthusiasm. When you want to look your best, wear orange underwear. 

Purple is a colour of royalty, luxury, nobility and power. People who love to wear purple-coloured underwear are romantic and soft. They know the value of love. Moreover, they want to be loved and cherished by their partners. 

If you are looking for men's boxers online or if you want to buy men's trunks online, then the best option for you is XYXX. The brand has recently introduced two different underwear collections, Apollo and Uno. These underwear are made of micro modal fabric and bamboo cotton. You will not have to worry about the fitting, itchiness, redness, sweat spouts or anything that you have ever experienced with other underwear. Thanks to XYXX’s naturally antibacterial and antifungal underwear. From boxer shorts online to men's trunks online, you will find everything here. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do underwear colours really speak about your personality?

A: Although there has been no scientific proof, there is a prevalent conception that the colour of your clothes are a reflection of your personality. This idea is also extended to underwear. For example, black underwear for men symbolizes power, authority, sophistication, and sexiness.

Q: What is the most popular colour of men's underwear?
A: When it comes to underwear for men, the colour black has been dominating the market for quite some time now. However, now multiple brands have come up with more stylish options in other colours as well as printed fabric.
Q: Which is the best colour which goes with all personalities?
A: Grey is associated with neutrality and balance. Since it is between white and black, it is associated with being the shade in between. Hence, it is suitable for all personality types.
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