Things To Keep In Mind While Getting Ready For Work In A Post COVID World!

Post CovidPost Covid

It seems a lot of us have been grappling with the reality of starting to step out for work now and then slowly.

If dressing up for that feels too tiresome, there may be a science to picking up shirts in the post COVID world.

In the last few weeks and months, all of us have gone through a wardrobe evolution - we have gone from initially working in our work clothes. To feel formal, to accept that Pyjamas were the new work gear. And taking to boxers and pyjamas were absolutely the new “WFH clothes.”

It also became a comfy and stylish Zoom outfit. The moment of stepping out came after these months of habituation. A lot of us probably panicked as to what we should wear.

Going ahead, maybe we keep these few things in mind while picking up outfits to brave the post COVID world.

1. Look for the Right Fit

You may think about why this is so important. Well for the simple reason that we don’t want any long oversized shirt or T-shirt or a Kurta (yes, even the comfy cotton ones) getting stuck between car doors or touching other surfaces while you take the stairs or elevator. While it may sound like a far fetched idea, trust us though, how quick things can feel different and escalate once you step out. A well-fitted T-shirt should take care at this point. Anything that is fuss-free.

2. Cotton & Comfy

Fabrics like combed cotton and Supima cotton should find more preference in your wardrobe choice at this point. For cities that have humid climates, summers and monsoons can feel similar. Under such weather conditions, most people opt to take stairs to reduce the risk of infection that can come from boarding elevators and small spaces.

Even at the office, people switch off AC’s and keep windows open as fresh air circulation is more highly recommended. Hence, you absolutely have to pick fabrics that are high on breathability and comfort, can absorb moisture and keep you dry. Even your underwear should have moisture-wicking properties like Micromodal fabric does.

This will help you keep dry throughout the hot sticky day, especially where you need it the most.

3. The Old & the Terrible

Are the clothes you are wearing somewhat old and okay to be discarded?

Just like you select clothes before you play Holi, a lot of us have been feeling that way while picking out the “not-so-great” clothes to wear.

The main reason behind this being that the new office going protocol as per WHO standards, involves tossing your clothes for a wash, hopping in for a good shower while you disinfect and sanitize.  Wearing something that would bleed colour should be avoided, instead opting for something that could be a quick hand wash can also be convenient.

This new shift in attitude while picking up shirts can translate into our buying habits as well. The fabric, fitting, and functionality with the garment’s comfort are far more critical now than the style quotient probably.

Lucky for us, we have always been making such Polo neck t shirt where we have fused style and other USP’s. Probably would be one of your best choices of wardrobe refresh during this season.

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4 months back, we never thought that WFH gears would soon become the mainstream fashion choice. This new normal has a new order. Time to embrace this change because resisting it wouldn’t be the best bet.

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