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Men have moved past that age of living where their underwear was not meant to be fashionable or functional beyond the rudimentary basics. Today the men’s underwear industry is a billion-dollar business that has an additional focus on fashion, comfort, and gender charm.

Men’s underwear is worn next to the skin or beneath the alternative covering. The innerwear is also sometimes dubbed as the second skin as a result of it staying in direct contact with the skin. Thanks to the importance of this facet, the best fabric for underwear has become a vital filter, often thought of while shopping. Innovations and technology are perpetually evolving for men’s underwear business. Underwear is crucial for hygiene and a few designs give support in the regulation of the body’s form.

The hidden nature of the underclothing doesn't negate the role of underwear for men. Men are not very exploratory or experimental  comes to the best material used for underwear. Lack of information and media earlier never let a whole generation educate themselves on the various kinds of fabric availability, why it was important and why ditching the regular cotton undies was long pending.

A number of the materials principally used are cotton; nylon, modal, rayon, polyester, and silk. These are alloyed with the material within the right proportion to accentuate quality, comfort, and durability with flexibility. Lycra, elastane is specifically accustomed to add elasticity to the material of the men’s underwear.

Let’s take a look at the best fabrics for men’s underwear!


Underwear of different designs and types come in various different fabrics. Apart from choosing one that does not itch, there are some helpful facts about these fabrics that are sure to help you when picking the best pair for you.
Modal, bamboo cotton and combed cotton are a few emerging fabrics for men's summer underwear.

Tencel Modal, made from the pulp of beechwood trees, is an extremely ultra-smooth, lightweight and stretchable fabric. It is known to be softer than cotton and keeps you pleasantly cool and dry throughout day and night. But the most significant advantage that modal has over cotton is that it won't lose its first-hand feel, which cotton does, quite fast. It can easily be voted as the best fabric for the summer season.

As the name suggests, this fabric is a blend of bamboo and cotton. It is made up of natural antibiotic properties and is thus a wise choice for men's underwear. It is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal that prevents odours, rashes and skin irritation so you never have to worry about skin health and overall hygiene. It is also highly moisture absorbent and cooling - making it the perfect underwear material for working out.

Another upcoming fabric for underwear and innerwear, especially boxers, is combed cotton. Combed cotton is often called an upgraded version of regular cotton. It is made specially by combing the cotton fibres before being spun into yarn. This additional step of combing helps get rid of shorter fibres and dust, which makes the fabric stronger and softer. Combed cotton men's boxers as a rage during summers due to their unmatched comfort and ease.

1. Cotton

Cotton is extremely soft and light-weight. The material permits respiration well. Keeps the ventilation and air circulation to an optimum cool level and helps to provide a comfortable feel in your nether regions. Moreover, it will face up to heat, detergent, and even bleach.

It is one of the most common fabrics for men and women’s underwear due to fabric breathability. It is soft to the skin and extremely durable.

However, it is not very moisture absorbent or quick-drying and hence should be avoided for exercise purposes. It is however perfect for activities such as office, school, or running simple errands.

2. Nylon

Nylon is a generic designation of the family of artificial polymers. Unlike cotton, nylon underwear will keep the wearer dry so it is the healthier and more comfortable option for underwear to wear at the gym or while exercising. Another great advantage of nylon is that it is easy to wash and quick-dry fabric. It is the second most used cloth in the underwear business for men. Underwear from this fabric tends to be sturdy as it has micro-fibre construction that fits snugly is soft and quick-drying.
Not changing or properly washing your sweaty and dirty underwear can cause severe rashes and infections. Better safe than sorry!

3. Modal

There's no fabric softer than modal currently in the men’s underwear world. In fact, this material is highly moisture absorbent. Modal may be a kind of textile and also the second generation regenerated plastic fibre. Keeps one feeling soft and cosy all-day long like the micro modal men’s underwear with its 3x softer than cotton USP. Modal is usually alloyed with cotton and alternative artificial fibres.

If nylon does not meet your absorption needs then modal is the next best thing. It is soft and smooth on the skin so unless you are allergic, it will not cause any irritation.

The material is a manufactured fibre that is universal so you can wear it anywhere at any time. Though it is found to be less supportive than cotton and nylon, it still offers enough support to allow you to wear it almost anywhere. It is great for the gym and still functional enough to be worn with jeans or even a suit.

4. Rayon cloth

This fabric has several properties like cotton and alternative natural fibres. This was unremarkably used in summer covering. It's currently getting used in creating underwear for men in addition.

A bit like cotton, rayon is comfy, ethereal and moisture absorbent. The material has moderate strength however is soft to the skin and abrasion-resistant. The light-weight cloth is an apt choice to beat the warmth of summer.

5. Polyester

Polyester is alloyed with natural fibres like cotton and provides a swish and artificial feel. Men’s underwear made from this material feels terribly soft against the skin of the user. This is a synthetic material made in the laboratory to be thin and comfortable. It is better at colour retention than cotton.

It is strong and durable and resistant to wrinkles. It is also easy to wash and dry thus making it easy to maintain. The only disadvantage is that it does not have a high absorbent power so it is not recommended for hot days.

6. Silk

The and soft texture of silk provides that luxurious feel. The extraordinarily soft texture keeps the user comfy. Insulation may be a distinctive property of silk. It creates an insulating layer between the material and also the body of the user and hence more suitable for winters.

Тhis is a soft and smooth fabric that feels great on the skin and is more than just for the sex appeal. It is an elegant material that is durable and has the greatest pull. It is absorbent but not a conductor of heat meaning that it can be worn comfortably both in the gym and on a night out.

Unfortunately, it does not provide as much support as cotton and other fabrics so men tend to be cautious while shopping for silk as it is more associated with feminine lingerie.

7. Spandex

Spandex is a fabric that is durable and conforms to the body thus ensuring flexibility. It is often combined with other fabrics such as modal in order to give it a better fit. It is more durable than rubber and so it is perfect for everyday wear; it does not cause irritation and you can even wear it under a suit. Commonly, it is used for swimsuits, cycling, and other forms of exercise due to its lightweight and elastic nature.

So which type of underwear is best for men? There are many innovations happening in men’s underwear. The fabric types are currently driving the technical evolution of men’s underwear, too. Innovative enhancements are being added to men’s underwear fabric types; these include:

  • Anti-microbial.
  • Moisture-Wicking.
  • Fast-drying.
  • Anti-cling.
  • Anti-sag.
  • 100% naturally sourced

Ultimately the choice of underwear should be based on a person’s comfort level, lifestyle and activity. Every fabric self-decodes itself to adapt to our lifestyle. XYXX has the latest tech-innovation in fabric integrated into their underwear. From micro modal to bamboo fabric and more, XYXX is the one-stop solution for the busy urban millennial.

Frequently Asked Questions -

Q. What is the most breathable fabric for underwear?

The most breathable fabric for underwear is a mix of synthetic with alloyed fabric. Modal fabric or micro modal is hands down the most breathable fabric in men’s underwear space.

Q. Is microfibre or cotton better for underwear?

Microfibre is more suited in adapting to underwear and is a big winner for the skin. It helps in breathability, keeping it light and airy and helps absorb moisture.

Q. Is cotton underwear bad for you?

Depending on the occasion and lifestyle, cotton underwear can be incorporated. Using cotton underwear for a daily lifestyle like school, home or office is fine but not recommended for an active lifestyle or gym and outdoor activities. Cotton does not retain moisture and can in return hamper personal health.

Q. What is the best material for underwear?

There is no single "best" material, although cotton is breathable and pleasant for everyday use, whilst synthetics like polyester provide moisture-wicking for active lifestyles.

Q. What material underwear is best for working out?

To keep dry and comfortable during exercises, use materials like polyester, nylon, or bamboo that drain away sweat.

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