Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Underwear

There may be no such thing as a perfect woman, a perfect life, or a perfect job but there certainly is perfect underwear and it exists right here at XYXX! Not usually the ones to brag, but we are insanely proud of the product we created with the idea of giving Indian men a reason to feel good 24 x 7. Our collection of men’s innerwear turned out to be even better than we perceived. Here is your guide to finding the right pair for you.

Choose as per activity, not habit: 

This is very important and requires a mindset change. Indian men often buy one type of underwear and use it all day, everyday no matter what their day is like. The perfect underwear will be appropriate for the particular day when it’s best suited for your needs. Thongs to the gym? Pandemonium under your pants!

Choose as per body type and not price:

Do you pick a style because it fits your budget or because it fits you? Time to think pal, the boxers you love so much might be completely wrong for you if you opt to wear tighter pants or low-rise pants or even have a day of physical activity planned. The right choice would be briefs or trunks and not boxers. Wear what sits well on your body and suits your daily activity. Don’t wear something just because you’ve already purchased them.

Material is main:

Comfort is paramount when undergarments are concerned. Choose a superior fabric that’s engineered especially for your innerwear comfort, like micro modal. It’s created keeping in mind the daily rigours Indians face due to weather, routines, lifestyle or more.


Underwear style:

For someone who wears light-coloured bottoms and cooler fabrics like linen, patterned underwear is a no-no as it will show through the fabric. But if you prefer dark bottoms, and thicker fabrics then you can opt for a variety of patterns that won’t give away your inner secrets.

There is certainly not “one” perfect underwear for a man. But choosing the correct type based on your day and attire can make you feel comfortable & confident in certainly more ways than one.