Men Don't Divulge The Number Of Underwear They Should Own

From a guy's perspective, the number of underwear he should own is 12. It includes underwear briefs, men’s trunks, boxers shorts etc. This guy is peculiar because he also takes three showers a day, it is not how an average man behaves. We are also not sure if many men would use so many underwear. This is highly unlikely. It’s such a rare phenomenon. You don’t expect such a person obsessed with men's underwear to exist in India.

So, the ideal number of underwear men can own could go up to a maximum of 25. To purchase they can go to underwear for men online stores which also offer various men’s innerwear combo offers.

You will notice that the period between laundry days does vary. It may be spread out by two weeks or more. Or whether it’s about the timing or a perpetual dislike for spending time rushing to the laundry and dashing back to do other shopping, will decide on the number of pairs of underwear to own. A guy would prefer watching a sports event or even a riveting movie on the screen. It’s better than wasting time at the laundry.

Men’s micro briefs is a name still elusive in this subcontinent. The same is not true for men’s innerwear vest that is advertised on different media platforms in India.

Most guys like to stay with what they prefer doing. They avoid experimental style and tend not to waste their valuable time trying something else. Many men loathe the idea of changing the kind of underwear they have been wearing since their childhood days in schools.

Types of Underwear for Men

1. Boxers - Underwear for More Breathing space

Men's boxers are usually loose-fitting underwear, and though it provides no support, it gives more breathing space than other types of underwear. The boxers usually have a fly that is only used for the comfort and ease it brings to a wearer. The variety of boxers in the market is huge and you have a wide array to choose from. Boxers for men made with super combed cotton is a fan favourite as it provides a lot more comfort than the regular ones and there is a boxer shorts for everybody. You can get Men’s boxers online very easily, in the size and styles you want.

2. Boxer Briefs – A Combination of brief and shorts

Boxer brief underwear provides the right support and apt breathing space.

3. Trunks – The Most Popular Type of Men’s Underwear

Men's trunks grew in popularity right after they were invented and they are hugely popular among men. You can buy men’s trunks online as well. You will find the best innerwear for men online.

4. Briefs – No-nonsense wears

They are the standard pair of brief underwear for men one can possess. He can wear them on all occasions.


It may be suggested that you can have at least 14 pairs of underwear. Doesn’t matter if you're a man or a woman. Everybody looks forward to appearing their best and the most comfortable with more concern for quality than quantity. What matters to you, is the comfort that you wear daily rather than the economy chafing away at your tender skin.

You are aware of Indian brands for men's underwear. An Indian should have an idea about the number of pairs of underwear to own. Every man should get a men's underwear buying guide for easy shopping.

Now, like most Indian men in underwear, you’ve been part of this discussion. It’s about the number of underwear and their different levels of comfort and economy. How many pairs would you like to have in your drawer or how many you already have? Even if you've never given it a thought, you can't extricate yourself from the nagging problem of having been obsessed with the idea of getting quizzed over how many underwears you should own.

There are many pairs of underwear you may have in your possession and many of those prized possessions might have gone out of rotation because they have become coarse, overused, rough and ill-fitting. You will remain loyal to those chosen and comfy ones that would give you something to be comfortable about and spirited from within, pun intended.

You can now get onto the website of XYXX for some high-quality Underwear for Indian men. Order your trunks, underwear, briefs, boxers etc. all from the comfort of your home and get them delivered to your doorstep. These are made from superior quality cotton and give you the best possible comfort. XYXX underwear are among one of the best Indian brands men's underwear. 


1. How many pairs of underwear should a man own?

Whether you are a blue collared labourer or an white collared professional, innerwear is something you cannot compromise on. Hence, we can draw the conclusion that every man needs at least 20 pairs of underwear; these may include men’s briefs, pairs of trunk combos, pairs of boxers etc.

2. Should men's underwear be tight or loose?

It all depends on the occasion. When at home, they should wear loose underwear. When they wear formal dress, they should wear underwear that firmly holds the men’s assets in place and should be cosy and comfortable at the same time. At the end of the day, your choice of men’s underwear should be breathable. For formal attire, you can choose a pair of men’s briefs as it is most suited.

3. How many pairs of underwear should you wear a day?

Although it depends on the utility and personal hygiene, it is recommended that you change your underwear at least twice a day. So you need to have 2-3 pairs of underwear at hand every day. It is best to buy men’s innerwear combo offers to load up the underwear drawer and save money as well.

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