Bat Away Your Confusions: Boxers, Briefs Or Trunks?

When it comes to men’s derriere cover, there can be quite some confusion. 

Agreed that there are many options to choose from and most settle for briefs for men and trunks for men. The simple loincloth has indeed evolved and come through decades of fashionable upgrades in terms of men’s brief style and comfort.

There is always a big confusion when it comes to men’s boxers, briefs and trunks.

Most men still do not understand how each product style varies from the other, hence our comprehensive differentiation listed below that may help you!

Let the online shopping of underwear that you have been putting off for a while finally resume!

The Ultimate Guide to Differentiate between boxers, briefs, trunks!


  • Boxers

    Boxer shorts, loose boxers or simply boxers are one of the types of underwear primarily worn by men as loungewear. It is basically an-all round elasticated shorts around the waist and is mainly characterized by its loose fit. Available in plenty of design and boxer styles, men have a huge round of options in this.

    Thanks to the 1920s and Everlast brand - whose contribution in design brought us boxer shorts!

    In terms of design, most boxers may have a fly in front but boxers these days are designed with sufficient fabric overlapping, the term is called “open fly design” which is pretty common in boxer styles for men.

    Boxer shorts generally are made of very stretchable fabric and hence allow ease of movement, for men that simply love some freedom in their ideal loungewear. To sum up, the difference between boxer brief vs trunks would be in the loose fit and variable length, at most!

    To sum up - 

    • Loose fit 
    • Open fly design 
    • Elasticated waistband 
    • Loungewear, made of stretchable fabric 
    • Freedom enabler 

  • Briefs

  • The most classic silhouette in underwear since time immemorial is also the most popular in choice and bought most frequently by men. 

    Briefs for men can be divided into a few categories in terms of wear. 

    When it comes to appearance and how a men’s brief style would look on you minus those pants, it could be a tricky area. Not everyone has a classic ripped or athletic body and a brief is particularly short and fitted in length. 

    In terms of comfort and support to your manhood, briefs are on top of the list. 

    They provide the most support, freedom of motion when well-stitched, and vouched by even athletes!

    They will not put you at risk of wardrobe malfunction but don’t cover the inner part of your thighs and on hot humid days, could probably cause chafing. 

    Not very versatile as a product, Briefs are pretty much what you see is what you get. If you had to compare boxer vs briefs, the key points would be -

    • Briefs are short & fitted 
    • Provide maximum support & comfort 
    • Freedom of motion 
    • No wardrobe malfunction risk 
    • May cause chafing due to no inner thigh coverage 
    • Not versatile in design 

  • Trunks

  • The best selling designs in male underwear today are the Trunks that are also sometimes called as boxer or maxi briefs. No matter what you call them, trunks are a sure hit with their snug fit, deep-sided with below the waist fit to the top of the thigh in a boxy design. Basic boxer briefs vs trunks have a lot of confusion, but what clearly differentiates the two are the length in the design and flexibility. A traditional trunk has a gorgeous length, that can make the thighs and legs look leaner and muscular, it definitely does have that extra sex appeal to it!

    To sum up, for trunks, they are -

    • More Short in length when there is boxer brief vs trunks comparison
    • They are a snug fit
    • They have a below the waist start to thigh coverage 
    • Boxy design
    • Extra Zing

    Some Frequently Asked Questions!

    • Which is better: boxer briefs or trunks?

    To make this easier, let us know what boxer briefs and trunks are.

    While men’s boxer shorts are a staple in many men’s underwear drawers they are not to be confused with boxer briefs that tend to be a longer fit and are meant to reach past the widest part of the legs. 

    What this means is that if you have a bigger build, you may want to opt for a Boxer Brief that will obviously fit better.

    Boxer Brief has a fit snug to the body that won’t ride up, hence discounts you from enduring the woes of chafing, rubbing or your underwear riding up.

    On the upside-down, we have Trunks. 

    Trunks look similar to Boxer Briefs as they are fitted, but that's where the similarities end. The difference between boxer briefs vs trunks is that trunks are a much shorter version of boxer briefs. They tend to work well for guys who are a slim-build and don't have thick thighs. 

    If you are debating which one to select based on style alone, then do consider the fabric and fit as well, no one likes to account for sweat down there, especially in humid countries. The fit is determined not just by the cut but the fabric used. Combed cotton and micro modal fabrics are good choices!


    • Does wearing boxers increase size?

    There is no definite evidence of boxer briefs increasing or decreasing the size of one’s manhood. However, there is scientific proof that links tight undies to a lower sperm count and restricts the movement of testicles. It also increases the temperature of your scrotum area and could be uncomfortable. Hence, in conclusion, many other factors along with the choice of underwear may affect the size, but wearing boxers alone is not directly linked or responsible for an increase in size.


    • Why do guys sleep in their boxers?

    Just like tight underwear, wearing loose fitted boxers enables a good sleep along with multiple silent benefits. It helps control the temperature of your testicles and keeps it the body temperature which does not affect fertility. It also enables free movement and of course, is the most comfortable choice!


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