Home is not the place where wearing uncomfortable formal clothes is a good option for the long term. You ought to wear comfy work from home clothes that do not exert you out and still makes you look professional while being comfortable.

Maintain Your Work-life Balance In The WFH Era

Working from home might sound like a dream come true, but in reality, there are a lot of challenges to be faced. Finding yourself a perfect work spot, ensuring you are not disturbed while you are working, time management, collaborating with colleagues - all of this becomes immensely difficult. What's more, you realise that wearing formal clothes is not a good option for the long term, but you can't exactly attend your video calls in your nightwear. You need comfy work from home clothes that do not exert you out and still make you look professional while being comfortable.

So we are going to discuss what you should keep in mind while deciding on amazing casual clothes that can be deemed as both professional and comfy at-home clothes.


1. Comfort

The most important aspect to consider while buying is to keep in mind the comfort of the fabric. One great option is to buy men's t-shirt & pyjamas set online, which are already semi-formal and can show off your playful but responsible personality. What’s better is that it can be worn as loungewear as well, making this a truly versatile outfit. 


2. Fit

The second thing to keep in mind is the fit of the clothes. When it comes to what to wear at home for men, the first thing that comes to mind is the men's oversized tee. But whilst comfortable, they are not an advisable option to wear for office meetings or conferences. Here the concept of business casuals for men comes into play. Supima cotton t-shirts are the perfect choice. T-shirts made from Supima cotton are the current trend due to their fit and feel and XYXX’s Collection Iconique is indeed iconic in this aspect. The t-shirts are made with a modern fit that fits close to the body with a fantastic stretch and finish. What’s more: all Supima t-shirts at XYXX are proudly made in India. These t-shirts are a wardrobe investment in all intents.


3. Look

The third most important factor in choosing to stay at home outfits while working from home is its appearance. The nature of the product should be formal yet comfortable, and should not look out of place in an office environment, even though you are essentially sitting at home. Another important factor here is choosing the best colour to wear for video meetings.

Try to go for lighter pastel shades such as teal, cyan, sky blue, lemon yellow, beige and likewise. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always go for darker (still solid colour) shades such as violet and maroon. But be careful with your colour palette; you’re buying it to wear to 'work' while at home. But either way, a light pastel shade would be appropriate anywhere. Try to avoid prints or large brand logos as they are pretty unprofessional and distracting to look at. 


4. Style

Next is how you style the outfit you choose. When it comes to what to wear while working from home in India, the best fibre to buy is cotton. The light and absorbent cotton clothing is the perfect combination for places with extreme climatic conditions. Even if you have to wear a shirt for a presentation, you can always pair it with combed cotton boxers for ultimate comfort.


5. Innerwear

Finally, let’s talk about innerwear. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it is incredibly easy to mess up, and an astounding number of people do mess it up. Properly fitting underwear that is neither too tight nor too loose is the key for being comfortable enough to sit through a frustrating day at work.


So wait no more and get your hands on the best WFH casual wear from XYXX and elevate your everyday experience.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How should I get dressed if I work from home?

Working from home comes with a lot of challenges, the biggest of them all being the management of a perfect work-life balance. Being able to wear formal yet comfy work from home clothes has become an essential (and challenging) part of our lives. Pull off those comfortable work outfits while keeping these tips in your mind:

  • Make sure the fabric you’re wearing is comfortable (and airy). One great way to pull this off is by purchasing a t-shirt and pyjama set that makes you look playful yet responsible at the same time.
  • Make sure your clothes are the right fit. No matter how tempted you are to wear that oversized t-shirt of yours, it is not really recommended for office meetings.
  • The colour and overall appearance of your look matter the most. Make sure you don’t look out of place. You can go for lighter pastel shades, solid colours, and something that is not too patterned and distracting.
What do you wear to a job interview from home?

While comfy work from home clothes are all that we’re targeting these days, appearing for job interviews from home can be a tricky job sometimes. What becomes the most important and impressive factor in such a scenario is your look. So make sure you’re wearing a comfortable work outfit, which lets you focus completely on your interview instead of your uncomfortable clothing.
You can try putting on the same formal shirt that you’d wear for an in-person interview, but with comfortable pyjamas. You can go for comfortable cotton shirts as it is the best for places with extreme climatic conditions.

What should I wear at home in the summer?

Summer clothing can be quite a tricky topic to deal with, especially when it comes to comfort. Sweat and stickiness can easily break our days in a row. However, one important key to this can be comfortable clothing.
Wearing cotton fabric clothing can be a big relief as it absorbs sweat, keeps stickiness away, and leaves you feeling quite comfortable throughout the day. Try not to go for uncomfortable clothes like jeans or synthetic fabric. Loose clothing can be a life-saver in such conditions. Just wear a simple, loose fitted, comfortable t-shirt and pyjama set, and you’re all good to go! For hotter days, you can switch between shorts and pyjamas. 

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