6 Ways To Brighten Up Your Work-From-Home

During these times of COVID-19, the world is busy taking refuge at homes amidst handwashes and sanitizers. Are you one of them too?

These have been rough times where we have all had to forget our carefree demeanor of going to the office, hanging out with friends, dissing about our work, and coming home.

With increased safety measures being taken every day and a state of precautionary self-quarantine that has been going on globally, India is fighting hard while staying safe.

Such times of pandemic uproar can hamper our mental health and spirit in so many ways. Being trapped at home, with your loved ones and family or alone can have its pros and cons. What is more important is the fact that you also have to balance your work and bring your office to home, every day now while it lasts. 

We know it sounds dreadful, and you are already feeling tired in two-three days, but fret not! We give you a list down of some of the fun stuff you can do while you work-from-home

 1.   Deep cleaning of your house!


This works like magic! Scientifically it has been proven that cleaning or decluttering of any sort can help out with temporary feelings of anxiety. When most of your movement is restricted, and you are homebound, rearranging, cleaning are good ways to uplift your mood. Remember the Netflix series on the same? See, they weren’t kidding. We also swear by it!

2.   Don’t become lonely in your isolation (have boundaries)



While staying at home can have its perks and delayed schedules, getting too isolated, and not having self-boundaries can be super detrimental to your health. To ensure you follow similar week schedules, do some yoga, dance it out at times, or simply read a book and take good interspersed breaks.

Try to keep up your rhythm and activity by continuously engaging through apps and other mediums. This is the time to live up that PS4 life!

3.   Yes, you have to wear pants & undies at home.


No two ways about it! As much as you wash and sanitize your hands round the clock, you also need to maintain personal hygiene. Staying at home can mean you want to skip changing your undies, clothes, and even skip showers! But don’t do that! Stock up on new underwear and basics and wear them in alteration. Right indoor clothes can also make you feel energized and fresh from within.

4.   Socialize via group video calls but establish boundaries.


Thanks to modern technology, many offices now run on instant messaging – and there’s no reason why this can’t continue when employees work from home. Whether it’s Slack or G-chat, keep in contact with colleagues throughout the day – and try setting up group chats for things that need more than one person’s input. It can help eliminate those endless chain emails and allow decisions to be made faster – especially if a senior manager is involved. Finally, even a casual chat with colleagues over instant messages can help alleviate feelings of isolation, which are common when working from home. 

Also, remember to set boundaries in terms of timings. Make sure your working hours are the same as pre covid times.

5.   Prioritize your day in a calendar.


It sounds simple but difficult to execute. Prioritizing your day in a calendar can give you a sense of achievement. You can end up feeling like you have accomplished quite a bit during your day. It also keeps you upbeat and motivated, helps you meet targets, takes care of your mood and health. Most importantly, it enables you to eliminate any kind of time wastage that could be unproductive or plain harmful in self-isolation. 

6.   Employ the Pomodoro Technique


Developed by a man named Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, this time-management technique helps you break up your work into 25-minute chunks, sprinkled with five-minute breaks, and a longer one during midday. Use a timer, so you’re not constantly checking the clock, and use your five-minute breaks for quick cleaning tasks like wiping down counters or watering plants (or simply  make a cup of tea). 

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