Perfect Loungewear for Outdoor Adventures

Can You Wear Loungewear in Public?

Gone are the days when individuals would feel conscious about wearing loungewear in public. Loungewear fashion is at the forefront now, and nothing is slowing it down. From celebrities to the common person, everybody is embracing it. 

Many individuals feel that loungewear looks shabby outdoors. However, that is far from true. That said, you got to wear your loungewear right. You can’t take loungewear for granted just because it’ll provide you with the freedom to be comfy outdoors.

Wondering how to dress like an adventurer man? Read on to know about some of the loungewear outfits or options that you can consider for outdoor adventures.

Suitable Loungewear Outfits For Outdoor Adventure


Yes, shorts, the loungewear outfit that people used to wear for workouts once upon a time. They provide a fashion-forward look, make you feel cosy, and are super trendy as of now. 

So you better cash in on it and rock it for your outdoor adventure. To take things to the next level, you can add a pair of vogue sneakers and sunglasses. Our Ace shorts feel super soft against the skin and are exceedingly stretchable. Grab your pair here.


Unlike regular cotton T-shirts, loungewear T-shirts are far more visually appealing. High-quality organic cotton fabric and simplicity are enough to make it stand out from the crowd - an ideal travel loungewear style apparel. You must go for more neutral shades as they will enhance your overall look. Moreover, make sure that the fabric you pick is stretchable and thicker. Check out our versatile Earth 1.0 cotton T-shirt here.


When it comes to comfortable travel clothes for men, it doesn’t get better than pyjamas. They come to your rescue when you crave comfort and make you look excessively fashionable. You can go with solid colours or printed ones to add a fun element to your overall travel loungewear style. Check out our unique Checkmate pyjamas here.

Lounge Pants

If you’re into simple loungewear style, go with lounge pants that are flattering. Such lounge pants are comfortable trousers for travelling and the best travel pants for long flights. You can opt for sweatpants made of cotton with a relaxed fit around the waist. In addition to that, make sure that they’re not super baggy and are slim-cut around the leg area. Our Ace modal lounge pants wouldn’t disappoint you. You can get them in black, navy blue, or charcoal grey.


From vogue short, chic pyjamas to cosy T-shirts, XYXX has got it all. Not only will lounge fashion keep you homey, but it’ll also make you feel more ‘you’. And isn’t that what all of us crave while travelling? 

Moreover, loungewear boosts your confidence like nothing else. So the next time you’re heading for an outdoor adventure, keep all the loungewear items mentioned above in mind. 

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