What does your underwear say about your personality?

What does your underwear say about your personality?

Men's Underwear Styles say a lot about their personalities. There are many other ways to test one's personality. The zodiac signs and inkblot tests are some of the methods to know about a person's personality type. However, you may be taken by surprise if we ask you to look at your underwear to ask yourself - what does my underwear say about me? That's because fashion isn't something that comes naturally to everyone. It requires particular interests and specialized knowledge to become fashionable. That's why experts say that a person's fashion sense can disclose a lot about him. Check the latest men's underwear style!


However, fashion is not about a single thing. It includes your clothing, shoes, neckties, cufflinks, watches, sunglasses and more. But your underwear has a lot more different stories to tell about you. The inner look is no less important than the outer look, and the underwear plays an underwear important role in your inner look. Unimpressive underwear can ruin your much-awaited night or a date. Thus, select your underwear carefully because it will define your personality. To know the answer to “What my underwear says about me?”, read this article carefully. 

  • Boxers

Some people think about what kind of guy wears boxer-briefs. But, for generations, boxers have been the most popular underwear for men all over the world. Psychologists say that if you choose to wear boxers, then you might be a chilled and relaxed person. If you opt for the comfort of boxers than any other underwear, then you have a love for freedom. It also indicates that you don't want to go outside often. Instead, you love to stay indoors and enjoy the domestic stuff. It doesn't mean that you are outdated if you wear boxers. There are many different styles of men's boxers online in the market that are more stylish than ever. You can buy the best bamboo cotton boxers from XYXX. Also read what your boxers speak about you!

  • Shorts

Shorts are a little longer than boxers, and tell a lot about your personality and your approach towards life. According to the psychologist, people who love to wear shorts have an athlete personality. Their choice of wearing shorts reveals that they are active, passionate, athletic and practical people. These qualities make them attractive to the opposite sex. Furthermore, briefs and shorts highlight the beauty of their athletic physical fitness. Find the right workout underwear. These qualities are generally loved by the girls. If you love to wear shorts, then your underwear style personality type is like the athletes. That means you have a flirty as well as cool personality. People love to spend time with you because you are funny, easygoing, and confident. 

  • Thongs

If you love to wear thongs, then it means that you have the personality of a risk-taker. Physiotherapists say people who seek attention and like to stay in the limelight love thongs. Doing different things and looking different are the two major traits of your personality. All of these make you confident. This is what makes you the centre of attraction. Furthermore, you can continuously evade your comfort zone to achieve success in style. You must know the underwear personality game because girls love to play this game. 

  • White Briefs

If you have traditional thinking and a love for everything conventional, then you will love to wear white briefs. These briefs are also called Tighty-Whiteys. Following tradition is a unique type of personality in the modern day. If you love white briefs then you might be a disciplined and a focused person, who wants to play it safe. However, the colour white is not out of fashion as it shows grace in you. Most of the girls love traditional men because they are trustworthy and reliable for a long-lasting relationship. Thus, don't be shy if you love to wear traditional white briefs.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Which underwear is most attractive? 
A: The most attractive underwear for any person depends on their body and personality type. However, shorts in general are popular type of underwear in men to attract the opposite sex.

Q: Are briefs better than boxers?
A: The purpose of wearing briefs is different than that of wearing boxers. Men select boxer underwear for comfort, while briefs highlight the physique of a man. Hence, there is no comparison to determine which one’s better.

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