How Not To Be Spoilt For Choice Selecting Your Brief

  • Tanga brief:  With its distinct look, it is easy to spot. There is no extra fabric beneath the waistband. It is ideal for men who lead an active life and want flexible cloth for everyday wear.
  • Mini brief: It has the side seam of about 2-3 inches/6-7cm – a slightly better choice than the micro, offering more overall coverage.
  • Midi brief: It's halfway between a micro and a maxi brief or trunk. The depth is 4-5 inches that make it a good set of underpants, which can offer a retro look.
  • Hipster brief: It is a shallower boxer brief. It has an attractive and very modern low rise fit.

Brief History of Men’s Underwear

The history of underwear started around 7,000 years ago. It originated in the form of Ancient Egypt's loincloth: a strip of fabric wound and fastened around the wearer's waist. It was sort of fur for the ancient man helping him cover his private parts. Around the 13th century, other recognisable “Underwears” made their appearance. It's with slip-on loose undershorts that ended at the calf. It became a social rage.

The Renaissance stepped up underwear's appeal and attraction which has a gear by going tighter and shorter. There was an introduction of a urination flap. The following centuries witnessed gradual changes. In the 1930s, briefs appeared, thus, challenging short-style underwear's monopoly. In the 20th century, men were pulled between boxers and briefs. The boxer brief was born out of a desire to be uniformly accepted and liked by men all over the world. There’s another story too. The late 1980s and early 1990s showcased underwear as a necessity as well as a fashion statement.


It is the traditional Y-front, and it has offered good support for the modern man. It became more immaculate with time. It was suitable, especially for men with large thighs. Men wear whatever they want to wear and whatever is comfortable for them. We offer you a range of micro briefs for you at XYXX. You may buy underwear for men online. But if you try the best briefs for men, you may come to know why men from the older generation wore them all the time. These are very comfortable. You don’t wish to land up buying cheap underwear for men. At XYXX you will get value for your money. If you wear boxer briefs, you look muscular. You may be branded as a hot dude. It accentuates your thighs. It fits nicely under your clothes.

Men’s underwear brief

If you buy underwear or men’s briefs for the first time it may be a challenge to you. Men’s underwear purchase becomes confusing too because there is a vast variety of briefs and trunks to choose from. How do you pick the right fit for your underwear? Well, we at the XYXX Apparels, have some suggestions for you:

  • You should pay attention to the trousers you wear generally. If you wear thin ones, you should go for briefs or boxer briefs. 
  •  In case you wear general pants or normal pants, you can wear fitting boxers or trunks. You should pay attention to the size of the waist. 
  • You may be willing to hide your belly with waist-length or high-waist length underwear. You may go for online purchase too. You will get the best underwear for men in India at our virtual store at the XYXX

Micromodal briefs

There is 93% Micro modal along with 7% Spandex and an anti-pilling smooth fabric, which is about the right size. Your selection will be based on your waist size. It is many-times softer than cotton. It is best for everyday casual innerwear. The premium micro modal fabric offers features like enhancing the breathing space and ensuring that you get all the comfort, all day long, without its shape getting distorted. The men’s micro-modal underwear is available online too. There are micro modal boxer briefs too which are very popular. 

Boxer Shorts

Traditional boxer shorts have maximum coverage. It is more comfortable and offers sufficient breathable space for the skin, however, it has one problem. If worn under slim trousers, it tends to curl up which can become uncomfortable. A modern tailor-made version is a better alternative. It will complement your body shape and will be far more comfortable.

These are a hybrid between a traditional boxer short and a trunk. They sit on the waist perfectly. These are especially good for men with fuller buttocks. Athletic underwear comes with special requirements – it stays in place without getting curled-up and is breathable enough to cope with sweaty gym sessions. Cotton is a brilliant fibre for underwear. It has sufficient breathing space; it’s soft and non-allergic. Find Innerwear for men online, and feel comfort at ease. You can buy men's underwear from stores or online.


These are of different styles and offer the simplest version which is ideal for wearing under slim-fit trousers. It gets perfect on the hip and it’s a bit lower than other types. It is short in the leg. It cuts across the middle of the thigh and it's best for slimmer men.

The Right Underwear Fabric

Three things that matter the most for your intimate wear: comfort, support, and breathability. Underwear brands have long used cotton and jerseys that provide all these things. 

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