Why Printed Boxers Are Now Trending!

One of the most common ways of stereotyping men is done by questioning their fashion sense. A majority of the world feels that men are usually not up to date with the ongoing fashion trends.

Renew Combed Cotton Boxer Shorts For Men Orange ZestRenew Combed Cotton Boxer Shorts For Men Orange Zest

 However, at XYXX we define your style by offering you printed boxers, solely made to suit the fashion and lifestyle of men. You can check out our online portal where you will spot a series of collections, suiting your styling demands and needs. We are sure you will never be able to take your eyes off the exclusive line of printed boxers.

Not only are we concerned about the fashion trends in vogue, but also we focus on the leisure and comfort of a contemporary male. In this article, we will give you a glimpse of one of the most common needs of men for their daily wear, which is none other than their innerwear and underwear. Check out the best innerwear for men online only at XYXX Apparels. 

Having a sense of fashion is not just limited to the attire that is usually visible from the outside. However, the overall look of an outfit is extended to your undergarments and underwear, which can also spell a cast on your admirers. Therefore, while shopping, follow the trends in vogue and make sure you do not miss out on your choice of undergarments. One of the most popular undergarments of the millennium is the boxer's underwear. Check out our premium collection on boxers for men online.

Features of Boxers:

For those who are not very well acquainted with boxers, let me give you an idea on what boxers or briefs are. Following are some facts related to boxers:

  • Previously, boxers implied the loose shorts worn as an undergarment by the sportsmen. 
  • Over time, it's great comfort rich features have made it one of the basic needs of all the young boys as well as men. 
  • Nowadays, you get various styles of boxers, as per varying preferences of men.
  • Whether playing sports or just relaxing at home, boxers are a great choice to opt for. 
  • Also, office-goers prefer wearing boxers underneath their pants for spending a smooth day at work.
  • Boxers are now boxed in variables. One of the most common variables being boxer briefs. These boxers are specially designed to import the comfort and well-being of the men. 
  • Boxers are usually made of breathable fabrics that are also not very constricted. This is not only done to keep your private parts ventilated but also to enable blood circulation. To have a look at the boxers, briefs from XYXX Apparels, simply click on the link for men's briefs India and you will be redirected to the desired webpage.

Some Related Queries of Shoppers: 

Having acquainted you with the source and origin of this attire as well as the purpose served by the boxer shorts, we will clear some more doubts of the people out there. Most people are concerned as to what is the pocket for in boxers then let me tell you the reasons for sewing in that extra space into the boxers –

  • It is designed to promote a well-driven shape to your undergarment. You can even use that extra space to slide in some of your small belongings. 
  • Moreover, the answer to why do boxer briefs have a pouch is also somewhat relatable. Pouches are sewed into this undergarment to give a well-defined structure when you wear it and it also serves to store some of the essentials of yours. 
  • Wearing this attire is as simple as sliding in your pants yet many of the few are unaware of how to wear boxer shorts. 
  • However, before wearing a boxer you must ensure that you pick the correct style for your need. 
  • Along with style another important feature to look for before purchasing is the fabric of the boxer shorts. 

What is the ideal choice of fabrics for buying boxers?

When it comes to picking the best fabric for boxers for boys and men then cotton boxers are always preferred. XYXX Apparels brings the best boxers in a collection of their funny printed boxers as well as their finely designed men’s boxers in the softest fabric. Even though men cotton boxers are mostly preferred for spending an entire day at work, many sportsmen prefer synthetic fabrics that do not hinder the movement on the sports ground. 

How are printed boxers so popular these days?

The reason why printed boxers are preferred by men is that it adds a bit of hue (though it is hidden at most times) to their grey and black attires visible on the outside. Moreover, printed boxers are now in fashion as most celebs and fashion influencers are seen wearing and promoting the fabric in various prints. Also, it seems funky and attractive, therefore, printed boxers are said to be one of the statement pieces of men's attire for both at work and home.  


Besides selling men boxers and briefs, XYXX Apparels are also featuring some very attractive t-shirts which you can easily pair with the men boxer shorts. You can take a look at their men's shorts t-shirt online collection. Therefore, it can be said that XYXX Apparels is the one-stop destination to shop all your essentials for innerwear and undergarments. With its exclusive designs and comfortable fabric, you could ensure a smooth day at work or the field without having to compromise on your genitals.  

We decided to maintain the ingenious side of design alive with XYXX Printed Cotton Boxers. Like any other great pair of XYXX trunks for men online, these boxers are for those who are willing to indulge in some playful risk.

These boxers for men are made of a super-breathable weave in different prints: lamp post, sailing boat, and binoculars and camera. These men’s boxers, in packs of 3, will allow you to reap all the rewards of premium comfort while also raising your style quotient. 

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, comfortable and quirky to slip into, then XYXX Number Plate Boxer is your choice. The original print of number plates in all the vibrant colours will make you feel closer to your teenage soul, who loves to play video games and lounge on the bean bag to watch sports all day. They are primed for relaxation and aesthetics alike.

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