Benefits Of Travel Underwear: Why Should It Be In Your Bag!

Benefits Of Travel Underwear: Why Should It Be In Your Bag!

Ever thought that travel underwear is an absolute necessity?

Or do you simply neglect its importance and skimp out on the tiniest yet one of the most essential of your travel clothing? Is packing 3 pairs of underwear and travelling the world your perfect plan?

Why is it a blasphemy you ask?

Guys may think they can flip their underwear inside out and manage in that manner, but it is a repulsive idea when one is travelling. One needs to be really ignorant to not acknowledge the necessity of travel underwear.

If you are travelling through humid countries or destinations where you will be involved in lots of activities then, you should at least change your underwear two to three times in a day. Why? Simply because you don’t want all that sweat and dirt in your private area to be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. You really don’t want to be falling sick on a vacation right?

What if you start the day with underwear, take a dip in your quick-dry men’s underwear for swimming, then wear another underwear, and then go out at night and change into other underwear?

You’re constantly waiting for your underwear to dry! Even if you have ultra-lightning quick-dry men’s underwear, is this process of sacrificing your comfort really even necessary? Let’s take a look at the best underwear for travel tips and how to pack the must-haves by quality. 

What are the essential points to look for in travel underwear?

You have no problem asking people where they bought their suitcase, coat, bag, jeans, or any such item from, but would probably never dream to ask for underwear advice. And why would you, because it is something private right? 

But when it comes to travel, a good pair of underwear can make a big difference and is a good investment. 

Imagine the long hours in flight, sprinting through the airport, and walking tours, and it’s easy to see why you want all parts of your outfit to be comfortable.

While most people may not consider underwear a travel gear necessity, expert travelers know how important it is to have a good set of underwear or disposable travel underwear. 

Between chafing, rubbing, and sweating, regular underwear can add unnecessary irritation to an otherwise amazing trip. Travel underwear is designed to keep you comfy and active regardless of the type of travel you’re doing.

What to Look for in Good Travel Underwear:

With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to identify the imposters. Here are the most important things to remember in terms of quality, before you would purchase your next pair of travel underwear.

  1. Breathability

Breathability is a high ranking factor, irrespective of the climate. Contrary to popular belief, cotton underwear traps sweat, making you feel icky in hot weather and colder in cooler weather. 

The best travel underwear will help you stay cool and dry at all times by wicking away sweat and allowing for good air circulation. Fabrics like micro modal have the highest water absorption technology and are a good travel underwear material. It can also be categorized as lightweight men’s travel underwear.

  1. Comfort

Good travel underwear tends to be of more premium quality and hence could be a tad bit more expansive, however worth buying. Comfort is not an issue one should ever compromise with, especially on trips. You may even find that you want to wear them on at home just as much as when you’re on the go. Most recommended are materials like micro modal or bamboo. Micro modal promises 3X softer than cotton comfort, hence why would you want to wear them only for travelling anyway?

  1. Drying Time

This should be one of your top considerations, especially if you want to travel light. Underwear made with synthetic, high-tech material has the ability to dry in a few hours, while cotton underwear could take around 24 hours to dry. The benefit of packing quick-drying underwear is that you can pack fewer pairs in your travel backpack which will also help reduce luggage weight.

  1. Durability

If you are spending a good amount of money than you would on an average pair of underwear, then it goes without saying that you shouldn’t have to replace them for quite a while. 

Fabric and sewing quality will have the largest impact on your underwear’s durability. Typically the synthetic and semi-synthetic fabrics will be more durable than plain cotton.

Also, keep in mind that most travel underwear sticks with air drying.

  1. Odour Control

They say that great travel underwear can be worn for a few days before needing to be washed. But that’s not your style and it should not be! You can still be confident that most of the best underwear for travel has an antimicrobial coating or natural anti-odour properties. Micro modal is top-notch in being antibacterial as a material and having 24hours odour control!

These are some of the absolute points to keep in mind while packing and selecting underwear for travel.

Travel underwear can also be used during various sports or vacation activities. There is the best underwear for rock climbing available as well as for various other activities. Features like a stretch, moisture-wicking properties and odour control technology make these underwear durable and a must-have. It also ensures long-wear comfort and helps you relax and enjoy your adventure without having to deal with any uncomfortable itch. 

Travelling can be hard enough as it is. When packing, we don’t want to be stressing about travel underwear! And when you’ve made it to your destination, we really don’t want to be stressing about your travel underwear. 

Make sure to consider investing in some of the best travel underwear out there for comfort that you don’t have to compromise on in a place that you are unfamiliar with. Pick underwear keeping certain guidelines in mind. 

Stuff that is breathable, anti-bacterial, lightweight, no-marks microfibre waistband, odourless and quick-drying along with being 3X softer than cotton, should be your priority. 

Travel underwear can really make an impact on your travels, because really, who doesn’t want to be comfortable? You may even find yourself replacing your everyday underwear collection with solely the must-have travel underwear for your next vacay!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best travel underwear?

Underwear with certain fabric properties and fit make for the best travel underwear.

Some pointers like Breathability, anti-bacterial, lightweight, no-marks microfibre waistband, odourless and quick-drying along with being 3X softer than cotton make the best travel underwear.

What travel underwear is best for guys?

Underwear with a good fit, fabric like micro modal or bamboo that can lock in the 24-hour freshness and a good no-mark microfibre waistband for that all-day comfort during active sessions of travelling is best for guys.

Are boxers travel friendly?

Yes. Boxers are extremely comfortable and travel friendly when picked keeping your requirements and lounge comfort in mind.

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