For Lasting First Impressions: Honeymoon Prep

For Lasting First Impressions: Honeymoon Prep

We will state all truths and nothing but the truth. Your underwear and what lies beneath has never mattered more than this day. You, my man, are now the quintessential husband, and that begins with a layer of importance - your underwear.

Look the part-

On your honeymoon, you want to have that sexy personality and feel that way too. We would advise you to be chivalrous, creative and woo her well, but honestly start with the sexiest underwear you can find. Check the latest collection at XYXX to find one for every day of your honeymoon and trust us when we say the Mrs. will love this surprise.

Pack it right-

Lubricant, check. Massage Oil, check. Bath salts, check. Condoms, check. Keep things full of fun by packing a wide range of innerwear to take your bride by surprise. Why should she be the only one who is putting in all those efforts to wear the most attractive underwear?

Check your apparatus-

A series of bumps, redness, sores, blisters, and warts can seriously damage your romantic honeymoon plans. Make sure you check yourself out, well in time, to make the most of your romantic stay.

Purposeful Pubes-

God has put them there for a reason, but everyone has their preferences. Keep the bushes trimmed if not fully shaved. And remember pubic hair is believed to hold onto and diffuse pheromones, thus, helping people to attract each other.


Connect with her emotionally, first, before connecting physically (pun intended). Decide what you’re expecting from this trip of a lifetime; what you think is in store and if the desires are on the same page for both the individuals on board.




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