Fancy Underwear Is No More An “Only Women” Territory

Ever wondered as a man that fancy underwear could one day, be your domain as well?Or did you, just like the rest, vehemently believed and secretly tended to some amount of insecurity that only women could have fun with their world of lingerie?

Well, it is time to change this narrative.

Did you know that fancy underwear is no longer an “only women” territory?

Yes, that’s right!

The last decade has seen the latest men’s underwear styles become mainstream with tons of innovation and evolution. From designers putting them on the runway and making it fashion-centric as opposed to only consumer-centric, underwear has had quite an upgrade.

Indian men are getting quick to realize that perfection is an “inner” matter. Probably that understanding is giving rise to the men with a different perception about their innerwear.

The Underneath Matters

Do you identify with this rising consumer behavioural pattern in millennial men? Are you also someone who looks at the finer aspects of an underwear purchase? Then welcome to the club of men with tastes towards the finer aspects of life. It turns out, that Indian men are becoming very liberal in their buying habits when it comes to underwear. They are experimenting with styles, fabrics, and brands. Fancy underwear is no more an ‘only women’s territory, and men are increasingly getting conscious of their undies too.

This shift in lifestyle could be attributed to a broader perspective that’s cultivated from being well-traveled and having an aesthetic towards brands or just a curated taste. Men are buying and exploring different brands that offer them not just T-shirts and shirts but also show them the importance of also having a good pair of stylish undies in the mix, i.e., some men’s stylish underwear. Essentials are as important as that branded T-shirt!

Real elegance is everywhere, especially in things we don’t show. Like women, men have also started making fancy underwear a part of their everyday lifestyle and also in their wedding trousseau.

It has always been a stereotype that Indian men relied on their mothers to fill their wardrobe drawers with new traditional undies that usually ranged from boring to ultra-boring.

Today, however, guys are shopping for more colourful, tight-fitting trendy boxers the same way that women shop for their latest sexy lingerie.

Trends like the underwear pouch that adds volume to men’s junk are also designed to make the fashionable underwear shopping experience interesting & attractive!


It seems from the buying habits of men that tightly fitted boxers, also known as “classic boy shorts” or the “short trunk,” are the most popular trend in men's undie style.

On average, there are three pairs of mens boxers sold for every pair of briefs.

Certain features like a wide microfiber material waistband, designed for comfort and no-marks, are preferred over ordinary waistbands.

Men are breaking from the pattern of shopping out of habit, and are now shopping out of interest and choice. More men are shopping more often for undies. This indicates the shift in perspective as well as the wide range of product availability. Men’s underwear now comes in various quirky designs, colours and limited edition collabs that pick their interest and motivate them to build their collection as well.

Bolder-coloured undies are becoming more popular for male buyers than regular black or grey underwear.

The modern urban man is more than capable of selecting his fancy underwear. There is so much choice in the market these days, and men are increasingly more brand loyal to their preferred choice of underwear than women tend to be.

Men are not only buying fancy underwear variations in briefs, trunks, hipsters, and jockstraps - men are also loving the availability of men’s fashionable underwear.

After all, health is a bit imperative when the stakes of looking good on the inside are higher. Don’t you agree?

Gone are the days when underwear was just another piece of garment. The millennials have a more active choice and approach in buying innerwear and are altering the notion that fancy underwear is an “only Women” territory.

Exciting undies are in, and with innovative products focused on this demography, men’s underwear is seeing a new dawn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What underwear do men find attractive?

Men love a mix of style, design, color, and quirkiness. When it comes to their underwear, men find the idea of comfort merging with style to be a big win.

It also helps when the comfort and style are balanced along with some suitable fabrics like Micromodal etc.

Q. Do guys prefer matching underwear?

Guys love matching underwear with their partners. This latest trend is found to be a viral marketing scheme for brands selling on social media platforms like Instagram. Who doesn’t like to flaunt it these days?

Q. Does XYXX Crew have trendy printed undies?

Yes, XYXX Crew has a wide variety of printed undies suitable for every occasion and in keeping with the latest trends. You can choose colourful and printed briefs, trunks or boxers that are stylish and comfortable. Our range of printed briefs includes the Artisto collection, Shuffle collection, Flux collection and more.

Q. How to make sure while buying fancy underwear we will not be compromising on comfort?

While you want fancy and trendy underwear, you should always look at the fabric used to make them and especially think about the design and comfort of wearing the underwear all day. Thankfully, at XYXX, we create underwear using TENCEL Modal fabric, which is super soft and comfortable

Q. How often men should change their underwear?

Ideally, men should change their underwear every 24 hours after taking a shower, however, if you feel more sweaty or after an intense workout, you should change your underwear more frequently.

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