Behind the Fabric: The Making and Benefits of Super Combed Cotton

Combed cotton fabricCombed cotton fabric

Over the past few years, Combed Cotton has been steadily gaining acceptance from people worldwide. People across genders, age groups, and geographical locations prefer to buy items made from Combed Cotton instead of regular cotton. So, why is Combed Cotton becoming a fan-favorite, and how is it different from regular cotton?

Cotton: History and Origins

Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fibre that grows in a boll, or protective case, around the seeds of the cotton plants. This fibre is spun into yarn/thread and used to make the soft, breathable cotton fabric. There is a great diversity in cotton species around the world - over 50 species of wild and cultivated cotton species have been discovered.

Cotton plants are native to tropical and subtropical regions. Archaeological evidence suggests that cotton was widely used even in prehistoric times. The oldest cotton fabric remnants have been found in Indus Valley Civilization (5000 BC) and Peru (6000 BC).

Manual separation of cotton fibres from seeds is a cumbersome process. Thus, in earlier times, the production of cotton fabric was an expensive and time-consuming process. The invention of the cotton gin (the machine that separates cotton fibres from seeds) lowered the cost of production and time. As a result, cotton was widely accepted and used. Presently, it is the most widely used natural fibre cloth.

What Is Super Combed Cotton?

Super Combed Cotton is a better version of regular cotton. In other words, Super Combed Cotton is a remarkably stronger, softer, and longer-lasting fabric compared to conventional cotton. It is made specially by combing the cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn.

How Is Super Combed Cotton Made?

The process of making Super Combed Cotton is identical to that of regular cotton fabric. The only difference is the addition of an extra step - combing. The steps to make Super Combed Cotton are as below:

1) Harvesting of cotton
2) Seed removal and cleaning
3) Combing
4) Spinning into yarn/thread

The step of combing is what makes Super Combed Cotton different from regular cotton. This step involves:

  • Lining fibres in a single direction
  • Assembling the fibres in slivers (long bundles)
  • Using fine brushes/combs to remove any impurities and short fibres
  • Aligning the remaining straight long fibres and spinning them into yarn/thread.

When the cotton fibres undergo this additional step of combing to remove impurities, they become softer than regular cotton. The removal of the short cotton fibres in this step makes Combed Cotton stronger and less prone to damage.

Combed Cotton can be further divided into categories, depending on the percentage of short fibres removed during combing.

  • Semi-Combed Cotton: The short fibre removal is 5-10%
  • Normally Combed Cotton: The short fibre removal is 10-20%
  • Super Combed Cotton: The short fibre removal is over 20%

Regular Cotton vs Super Combed Cotton: Which Is Better?

Cotton is a super absorbent material that keeps our body cool during hot days and warm during colder days. When you use Combed Cotton instead of regular cotton, you are choosing to use a premium version of regular cotton. Combining enhances the quality of the already perfect cotton fabric and makes it even more perfect.

Why Should You Use Clothes Made With Super Combed Cotton?

Super Combed Cotton fabric is the smoother, stronger, and more premium-quality version of regular cotton fabric. Thus, wearing garments made with Super Combed Cotton is a no-brainer!

1) Softness

Super Combed Cotton is known to be softer than regular cotton. This soft-on skin texture of Combed Cotton is because the process of combing removes the short threads that stick out and prickle as well as the dirt and impurities otherwise present on the conventional cotton thread.

2) Stronger

The removal of shorter and breakable fibres, via combing, results in a strong and durable fabric as the straightened fibres lie together more tightly after combing. Thus, threads of Combed Cotton are less likely to fray and unravel. This added strength makes the fabric extremely durable and resistant to heavy wear and tear when compared to regular cotton.

3) Comfortable

The straightened fibres of Super Combed Cotton lie together exquisitely to make the fabric extremely breathable and comfortable. Many cotton-blend t-shirts like polyester+cotton blend use Super Combed Cotton instead of regular cotton as it fairs well with other fabrics and enhances their qualities.

4) Moisture Absorbent

Cotton is naturally moisture-absorbent. When combed, its ability to absorb moisture increases exponentially and so does its potential to dry quickly.

Combed Cotton is a fabric that provides added benefits to the cotton fabric we already love. Although an additional step is required to manufacture Combed Cotton, it is worth it!

How To Make Your Combed Cotton Garments Last Longer?

Caring for your Super Combed Cotton garments is no different than caring for your regular cotton clothes. In general, you can wash and dry cotton at any non-extreme temperature. Combed cotton can be machine-washed with mild detergents and can be dried in the air without direct exposure to sunlight. In case of wrinkles, you can use a steamer or iron on low heat to get rid of them. You should always check the wash care label of all your Super Combed Cotton garments to check if any special wash care is required.

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