Affordable Pricing & Quality - Why XYXX Wins This Game!

Did you know that underwears usually last for 30 washes?  This means that, on an average, a pair of underwear must be replaced every four months. But, Indian men stretch out their undies for over a year, or till the time they have been rendered utterly useless. 

So, when was the last time you bought a pair of the most comfortable underwear? And more importantly, was it from an Indian brand?

Going ahead, if you would like to switch to shopping more of local products from homegrown brands like ours, this is the right time to support small businesses and make your contribution. We think this is the time when self-made businesses like ours would be able to bend the market and meet the growing customer demands.

This profoundly rooted notion we have that Indian brands are cheap and hence have lower quality products. As consumers, we seldom mind paying a premium price for international competitors as we are so attuned to our thoughts. 

How can we change this, and why should we try?

This is the time to educate ourselves on the impact that we can create on our country’s economy when we choose to buy from homegrown brands. 

“Made in India” is no longer a matter of pride or a tagline to capitalize on a sentiment. It is the need of the hour as we collectively try to push back our country’s economy into better days. It is about promoting sustainable, equitable, and scalable growths by helping local communities and businesses flourish.

XYXX is a homegrown qualitative Indian brand for Indian men

Here, our crew is always striving for excellence at a grassroots level. 

We are always aiming for perfection and quality. As a brand, we have immensely been curious about problem-solving and have actively invested in research and development to address those gaps. 

We have held focus group studies, spoken to Indian men, and learned about their needs instead of churning out sales products. 

Whether it is in our proprietary products with superior quality fabrics, we have gathered the best-skilled craftsmanship at home to make superior handcrafted comfort basics for you.

Indeed we always like being ahead of the curve.

As an Indian brand for the urban Indian men, we seek to elevate your everyday essentials with our gathered qualitative understanding of basics.

We let this translate across our range of Briefs, Trunks, Boxers, T-shirts, and Loungewear.

Our three most celebrated fabrics are Supima, Micromodal, and Combed Cotton for our trendy t shirts for men, Underwear and Boxers, Pyjamas.

Along with possessing benefits in abundance, they are extremely suitable and well-crafted for the Indian weather, and thus well adapted for Indian men’s comfort in tropical climates.

Did you know?

Did you know that Micromodal is a form of specialized modal rayon that is 3X softer than cotton? Regular cotton underwear lacks a bunch of health benefits that Micromodal compensates for. 

So, if you thought just regular cotton underwear was better for its price, you are mistaken!

Along with being sourced 100% naturally, Micromodal happens to be a sustainable, biodegradable fabric - something that you should also be woke about! 

It is anti-bacterial and has antimicrobial properties. It is resistant to shrinkage and piling and also lasts multiple washes. 

The best part is that it is far more moisture absorbent than cotton - thus, it has moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry where it's required. 

It is a blessing in the tropical parts of our country! 

Our Supima cotton used for our T-shirts are also a form of luxurious cotton. The T-shirts are handcrafted in India and equally, promise a bunch of benefits that are lacking in regular cotton Tees.  

Even Combed cotton is of superior quality than regular cotton, hence more durable. They ensure excellent quality and comfort to the wearer for a more lived-in feel.

Our design innovations like a front pouch, seamless stitching, tag-free, and microfibre waistband, ensure the best for your underwear experience.

The price we, as individuals, sometimes pay with rashes, chafing, and other fungal infections far outweigh the difference in the product price. 

In that comparison, we pay a lesser price for the health benefits weaved into our products, exclusively for you. 

While at the end of the day, we want to pay for what we get, with our XYXX products, you pay more than just for quality and fabric. 

You are meeting a moment in economic revolution by looking inwards, by helping lives flourish when you support small.

You are also supporting our communities, our products, our heritage. Mindful consumption should be a critical factor in helping us decide and reshape our buying habits. This is the moment to start.

As a brand, we assure you that you have the best quality products from us at the most affordable price. Nothing gives us more joy when you support and participate in our striving efforts.

Choose wisely. Choose your health and hygiene with XYXX.

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