5 reasons to never sleep naked

Probably one of the most debated topics, to sleep naked or not! Everyone has their own comfort way of sleeping - whether you want to ditch your clothes or snuggle up in your PJ’s and get that sleep.

Truth be told, even though scientifically a lot of positive aspects have been said about sleeping naked, blah blah, that cools down your private parts, increases breathability and blood circulation etc, but in reality there are quite a few downsides to it.

Here’s why -

1- Sleeping naked means your privates shimmying against the sheets

While we definitely do not want to question your sense of hygiene, we are seriously concerned about sleeping on those sheets every night while your genitals have squirmed all over the zone. Imagine if your face rested today where your genitals did last night! Yay or Nay? Take a call!


2- Not everyone knocks!

You may have really disciplined roommates but just a word of advice - they are not always going to remember to knock before entering. Or any guests you have home, what if they do so accidentally and you have forgotten to lock the door? Now do you really want to take that chance of embarrassment!


3- What if you have to evacuate?

Ok, so this is obviously incredibly unlikely to happen, and we hope anybody reading this ever has to experience it, but what if there's a fire or something? Or you hear a suspicious noise outside the house? Or your building suddenly has to evacuate for some other reason? You don't want to be standing there in your birthday suit while everything is going down.

Do ya?


4- You don’t want to sweat on your sheets  

Much like the above point, you don't really want to be sleeping in a pool of stale sweat. Human beings lose about a third of a pint of sweat during the night, and that all accumulates in those Egyptian cotton sheets of yours. Plus, let's be real, you'd change your pajamas much more often than your sheets, so your nighttime wear won't suffer too much.


5- Baby it’s cold outside! Or… what if there is some loose bug? 

Wherever you may live it does get chilly at some point in the year right?

You know what helps with that? Pajamas. Get yourself a pair of snuggly comfy good fitted PJ’s and a good quality uppers or a T-shirt, et voila, you'll be as snug as a bug in a rug. You'll find them particularly useful when you inevitably have to get up and pee at four am after the heating has gone off.

You can also buy these comfy night dresses from our website. Just saying! Also, please don’t sleep naked because for the last scare - imagine a spidey crawling in your netherlands! Bye!


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