Keeping Up With The Clean Crotch: Maintaining Underwear Hygiene And How

Underwear hygiene = keeping your junk prim, pristine and in place. It will surprise you how grave things can turn if underwear hygiene, which is often neglected, isn’t maintained. Lack of maintenance can lead to problems like skin diseases. Scabies, all kinds of fungal infections, bacterial sores and blisters, viral infections like herpes or protozoal infection can spread unwashed under clothes. If we have scared you enough to start caring about your undies, we will also help you do it right. Here’s how you can keep the undies soft, free from wear and tear and make it your absolute favourite thing to wear all day.

1. Choose the correct one

You need to know the varieties of underwear available for you. The best underwear for men in India would have to be one made of natural fibres that are easy on the skin and easy to keep; a fabric that won’t warp easily, ensuring a comfortable fit for many months not years. Natural fibres like bamboo, modal, etc. that are used in XYXX innerwear absorb sweat better, keeping bacteria at bay.

2. Say NO to Tight Underwear

One is advised to wear something that allows air to circulate well in the covered areas. Whether you choose briefs, thongs, boxers or even exotic innerwear, wearing them tight will do you absolutely no good. It cuts circulation to the essential parts, and you surely don’t want your special place smashed in sweat. XYXX men’s innerwear brings you an array of comfortable underwear, packs, and plus sizes to choose from. Choose wisely and go leisurely down there!

3. Don't be a repeat offender

Don’t go lazy on washing your underwear daily. Research states clean underwear can contain up to 10,000 living bacteria — even after being washed. You may have endless packs of boxers and briefs, but nothing permits you to leave them dirty. Wearing undergarments more than once increases the risk of one smelling bad due to contamination by body fluids, dampness and leads to the growth of bacteria. And no one can deny the blissful feeling of putting on a fresh, crisp pair of undies in the morning. Hygiene over everything, any day!

4. Discard them, dude

You need to treat your undies even better than your t-shirts. If you don’t wear faded t-shirts, why would you wear faded, worn-out underwear? Also, give the ladies something nice to look at instead of the underwear you’ve been holding on to until they shred in the washing machine. Make it a life rule to replace your underwear every six months. Once they start looking spent and shaggy, it is time you throw them out. Check the latest collection of men’s innerwear at XYXX to tempt you to buy new undies and throw the old ones.


Q1. What are the benefits of clean underwear?

Ans: The prominent reason to wear clean underwear is that it protects men’s genitals from diseases and irritable conditions. Clean underwear is a sign of integrity and should always be maintained. Not changing your underwear regularly causes bacterial activity to accumulate, which causes embarrassing odour and an itchy rash on the skin.  

Q2. How to keep underwear hygienic?

Ans: The best way to keep underwear hygienic is to wash it once daily. Just washing underwear with water is not sufficient and therefore it should be treated with soap and washed with water. A fabric softener can be used later to enhance its softness and shine.

Q3. How to wash underwear to kill bacteria?

Ans: Underwear should be washed with cleaners or washing powders, as they are efficient at killing microbes. However, since most underwears are made of delicate materials, making sure that it does not affect the quality of underwears is also important. Soak your underwear in cleaners and lukewarm water for some time so that the cleaner can work and lukewarm water kills microbial activities. Wash off gently and let it dry completely in the open air. You can refer to the wash care label of your underwear to see what’s the best way to wash it.

Q4. How do I keep my underwear clean?

Ans: How to keep underwear clean & how to wash underwear to kill bacteria is the concern of many people. Underwear hygiene is super important. You should not repeat your underwear in any case unless you wash it properly. The only way to keep it clean is to wash it after every time you wear and dry it in the sunlight.

Q5.How do men maintain intimate hygiene?

Ans: To avoid contracting a fungal infection, men should make sure their intimate area is completely dry after swimming, bathing, or even sweating. And also how to keep underwear clean all day is also your responsibility.

Q6. What is the correct way to wear underwear?

Ans: Wear your underwear so that it covers your entire hip area and part of your thighs. Your underpants should not be too tight around your scrotum.

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