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      Printed Underwear For Men


      Party Hard with The Fire Cracker Confetti Underwear Range

      Dressing according to your taste can uplift your mood and so does a printed micro modal men's underwear. Imagine a funky design, or exciting pattern underwear, with some best fabrics. Well! It sounds interesting, right? Whenever you peep in the mirror in your printed boxers, you must be taken away with yourself.

      XYXX Apparels has introduced their party-ready range of underwear. These consist of micro modal trunks and man briefs with firecracker and confetti prints. Printed underwear men's are available at various online and offline stores. Men's underwear can be a low-rise brief, a full-rise brief, a boxer short, a boxer brief, or trunks. Some underwears come in a comic print or a cartoon, a comic book character, etc. Anyone who wants to bring fun in their life can go for these. While boxers and briefs are quite traditional, trunks are the new fashion. Trunks look good on men with larger bodies or thinner ones. Trunks are one of the best options for men with skinny legs. Printed underwear goes well with any t-shirt or a micro modal vest for a relaxed sleep. For any occasion, these printed men briefs or underwears can boost your confidence and change your mood. When you are happy with yourself, it is sure that anyone else around you will also be.

      Be Party-Ready With Fun Prints & 3X The Cotton Comfort

      Printed underwear can cheer up your mood early in the morning. Check out printed trunks for men online or men's boxers online. You can surprise your partner with some fun and wild print micro modal briefs.

      Comfort is the utmost priority, but quirky designs and complementary colors add up to your confidence. A white shirt with printed black micro modal briefs is a perfect look for a night out in your favourite seashore. Isn't it? You can also join a beach party with a light denim shirt and black men's trunk with yellow firecracker print. You will look bold and stunning among your peers.

      You may have a branded t-shirt, but your undies are also an important part. Prints are attractive, but this doesn't mean you won't look into the material's quality. The fabric of your undies should be a dominant factor. Don't be a stereotype anymore and start adding fancy underwear in your everyday fashion.

      How fabrics play an essential part in your underwear?

      Earlier, men did not spend time purchasing underwear like women. But the scenario is different according to the latest fashion reports. Shopping out of habit has changed to shopping out of interest and choice. The most crucial factor is the fabric. If you are uncomfortable with the fabric, then the print, colour, style of your underwear will not matter.

      There are several fabrics in the market, but some may put you into uncomfortable situations or skin irritations. Most common fabric is cotton, but the fashion industry has introduced micro modal underwear for comfort, durability, and breathability. This fabric is a blend of natural and human-made fabrics. It's moisture absorbent, and super stretchy features add an advantage to the trunks and briefs.

      Some of the best men's micro briefs in India are produced by XYXX Apparels. These underwear have antimicrobial finishing that prevents odours and skin rashes. The anti-roll and microfiber waistband guarantees of leaving no marks on your waistline. This fibre is three times softer and 50% more moisture absorbent in comparison to cotton. The flat seam stitch of the undies removes chaffs and uncomfortable dampness. XYXX Apparels has successfully made men's micro-modal briefs online stores available across India.

      So make your new year's resolution about never going back to boring old underwear. What are you waiting for? Grab your exciting prints and rage on!

      Another fabric used by XYXX Apparels in comfy men's underwear is bamboo cotton by Apollo Collection. This fabric is similar to modal but is having a thermoregulating capacity. This makes you feel cool in summer and warm in winter.

      Buy Quirky & Comfortable Innerwear Online From XYXX Online Store

      There are several stores out in the market selling attractive underwear for men. They have gorgeous colours, different styles, or a quirky design. But you must look into the fabric. XYXX Apparels is the online store for men's underwear with micro modal and bamboo cotton fibres. Both are three times more comfortable than cotton. The waistband goes gentle on your skin. It provides resistance to shrinkage, that is you can wear it for longer years without it changing shape even after several washes. It prevents snuggies, absorbs moisture, and keeps you dry throughout a long day.

      Finding underwear is no easier for men. It needs time and patience to find the best one that goes with your style and is comfortable to wear.