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APOLLO: Bamboo Cotton Innerwear For Men

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Bamboo Cotton Innerwear Is The Best: Why?

Men often put the best effort for their external adornment through stylish apparel. They keep no stone unturned to uplift their style and make an impression. But they sometimes fail in one thing, i.e., choosing the right innerwear according to their specific requirements. Hence, they often miss out on feeling comfortable on the inside.

So stop lamenting about your private parts getting sweaty, itchy and uncomfortable after a long day. With a better quality of products ruling the market, all you need to do is know about them. If you search online, your mind will be blown by the range of products available. You’ll find bamboo cotton underwearand many more items at excellent offers and discounts.

Everyone, especially men, usually choose cotton fabric while buying innerwear. But after knowing about the varieties of material available and their merits, you’ll definitely reconsider your choices and switch to change your mind and make your choice wisely. Let us first enlighten you about bamboo and cotton clothing.

Organic cotton bamboo fibre underwears are real game-changers. They are the key to your good mood. More than being stylish when it comes to ‘undies’, comfort is what we look for. Freshness for 24 hours, having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents, odour free, eco-friendly, etc. are the required constituents, right? This is where a comparison of bamboo fibres vs cotton underwear is necessary.

Here are a few reasons why switching to bamboo cotton innerwear from regular cotton innerwear might be the best thing you can ever do:

  1. Odour – free: The bamboo underwear men’s possesses an anti-bacteria and bacteriostatic bio-agent called "Bamboo Kun''. This produces anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents making the garment healthier, odour free and keeps you super hygienic, 24 hours long. Bamboo fabric is extremely breathable and Bamboo cotton underwear is known to keep the skin dry as it is naturally breathable and moisture-absorbent. Hence bamboo cotton wear is the best for active pursuits like yoga, exercise, jogging or all-day work. Check out a wide range of bamboo cotton briefs in our collection.
  2. Sweat-absorbent: When compared to cotton underwear, bamboo has a moisture-wicking trait that evaporates the moisture, unlike cotton. It is super light, silky smooth and is covered with micro-gaps giving the bamboo cotton innerwear better ventilation. Hence, it absorbs twice as much sweat, unlike any other fabric.
  3. Breathability: As previously discussed, the bamboo fabric's micro-gaps or zig-zag micro-hole structure absorbs sweat better and faster. It also never sticks to the skin and thus, bamboo cotton trunks, vests and briefs can be comfortable to use. Apart from that,bamboo underwear like men’s trunks has a self-cooling feature. The bamboo cotton clothinghas 2 degrees lower temperature than other fabrics, making it cooler and more comfortable during summer. Similarly, it would keep you warm during winters as well.
  4. Durability: Bamboo is greatly abrasion-proof. It is durable and has great tenacity. This guarantees the fabric to be long-lasting, unlike others. Organic bamboo is not disfigured easily, which assures that it is still the same even after 50 times of washing. Just more reasons to switch to bamboo cotton innerwear.
  5. Lustrous: The bamboo fabric has a natural shine, unlike cotton. Bamboo fibre garments throw a luxurious appearance that will stand out in the crowd!
  6. Hypoallergenic: It is no news that bamboo is processed without chemical treatment which means it doesn’t sit deep on the skin, making a sharp spur and eliminating irritation. Due to its faster absorption capabilities, bamboo fibre underwears in India are better than cotton.

Bamboo in every way is better than any other fabric, including cotton. Even though organic cotton and bamboo go hand in hand, bamboo, when blended with cotton, emerges into the perfect fabric that one can ask for. Due to these reasons, innerwear made from Bamboo cotton is the most crucial part of our wardrobe. If they are made of bamboo-cotton, they can be super-comfortable for us to wear. Search for the best bamboo cotton underwear andInnerwear for men on XYXX.

The Apollo collection by XYXX is the amalgamation of style, performance, functionality and support. Our innerwear is a perfect blend of 55% cotton, 40% bamboo fabric and 5% spandex. This innovative product is a steal deal for those who are dissatisfied with traditional cotton materials which literally couldn’t meet up their expectations. With Apollo collection, you’ll get round-the-clock hygiene and comfort, especially to those with sensitive skin. Underwear is a segmentation variable in fashion consumption. The reliable factors provided by the said collection are:

  • Relaxed fitting with ample space and supportive lift in the contour pouch.
  • Flat-seam stitch eliminates chafing and microfiber waistband with anti-roll allows great elasticity.
  • All products are breathable, odour-free, antifungal and antibacterial.
  • Made with a perfect blend of bamboo-cotton fabric clothing.
  • The thermoregulating feature keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

We know how uncomfortable it feels if you don't get the perfect underwear. Your whole day can go wrong; the entire day gets ruined if you don't get the proper underwear! We can guarantee that bamboo underwear is the most comfortable one, and this is why men's bamboo underwear is in demand nowadays.

What’s more about the Apollo collection is that it has a wide variety of vests,men’s trunks and best briefs for men online. Check out the collection now and avail exciting offers.

Let's answer the common queries:

1. What is the bamboo cotton fabric?

Bamboo cotton fabric is a cloth that is made from a blend of bamboo fibres and cotton. It provides comfort in rough weather days. Bamboo briefs are highly in demand in the market nowadays.

2. Is bamboo fabric better than cotton?

Yes, it is. They are eco-friendly fabrics and provide greater comfort than cotton. This is especially true in underwear; men's bamboo underwear offers more comfort than plain cotton ones.

3. Is bamboo cotton soft?

Yes, they are very soft and 40% more absorbent than cotton. Bamboo underwear allows moisture to evaporate at a much quicker pace than cotton. These are the prime reasons why bamboo cotton underwear is highly in demand.

So, what else are you waiting for? Grab the perfect bamboo underwear today!