How XYXX Is Made In India, Made For Indian Men

If you take the history of the evolution of this very humble piece of clothing, you will come to know that men’s underwear or basics were absolutely not a big product back in the days.

Although it did evolve from the piece of loin cloth to having its own product personality today, the understated piece of garment would have stayed neglected and unprioritized had it not been for its constant evolution and ultimate showstopper marketing and pushing it up on the runway by famous designers etc. Before you knew it, men’s underwear had its own section in the shopping complexes and some of them became more than basics, it became a cultural revolution and a fashion statement.


XYXX Combed Cotton Pyjama

We often misunderstand the importance of apparels and fashion and reduce it to just a passing phase. Truth be told, there is nothing wrong with that notion, except for the fact that fashion today will be a study of cultural reflection, economic times and so much more for tomorrow.

With the recent trend of supporting local businesses and rising together stronger from this pandemic of 2020, as a brand we have always been conscious about the impact our clothing can have.

We are a brand that prides itself on always staying ahead of the curve. Maybe that is why we have always been vocal about crafting timeless pieces for the Indian men.

We are rooted in Indian principles and craftsmanship, allowing only the best of our products to embrace you with comfort.

Comfortable XYXX Combed Cotton Boxer

Yes, our fabrics are sourced with the best in class quality, but it is here in our country where we put together exclusive skills and labour to manufacture - what we can only assure you is nothing but top-notch. Each detailing, each thread work, and stitching is taken care of and nothing goes unnoticed or compromised. When we craft our products, we think of only the millennial Indian man.

The man who is a traditionalist at heart, yet a connoisseur of fine taste, the man who values his ideals and has a sense of duty and purpose. The man who unwinds over weekends and does not short change his comfort for materialism. The Indian man of today who buys and supports local brands, local products of quality and understands what it truly means to be Atmanirbhar as well!

XYXX is not just a brand where we make basic essentials. We are a sentiment. We are an Indian brand in identity, for the enhancement of Indian men. We will only be getting better here on!

XYXX MicroModal Underwear

Made exclusively for Indian climate as well, with moisture absorbent properties and resistance to bacterial build-up!


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