Winter Fashion - 5 Styles Every Man Needs This Season

Winter is often considered the best time of the year, especially in a tropical country like India. It’s also the perfect opportunity to step up your fashion game and show off your style with different winter looks for men. Take the opportunity of the colder weather to show off your sense of style in men's winter fashion. In this blog let us go through men's winter fashion ideas and the essential winter apparel for men. This guide will help you look stylish while being warm and cosy. We will cover everything you need for a charming65winter dressing style, from contemporary outerwear to basics for layering.

Men's Winter Fashion Tips To Look Good For Any Occasion

For a stylish winter dressing style, you need to keep in mind to layer your clothes wisely. Outerwear and innerwear both are important parts of men's winter style. Let us look at some of the men's winter fashion ideas to make your look stylish. 

Thermals Layering

One of the essentials for winter is thermals. Winter thermals can keep you warm and cosy. Pick up winter thermals for men that are soft and made from skin-friendly, breathable materials so that you can stay comfortable all day long. Thermals are your innerwear essentials for winter because they keep your body warm and keep the body heat intact. Choose from long-sleeve vests or short-sleeve ones based on your requirements. You can also opt for Long Johns or thermal sets to see you through the winter. 


One of the best men's winter fashion ideas is to get yourself a stylish hoodie. Hoodies are versatile and can be paired with denim or joggers to give an effortless casual look. Hoodies with side pockets or kangaroo pockets both look stylish and trendy. Add on some sneakers and you are good to go. 


Sweatshirts are a winter essential when it comes to men's winter fashion. Choose from a variety of styles like crewneck, pullover or graphic and you will be making a winter fashion statement wherever you go. Style them with denim or cargo pants and look trendy this winter.  

Fleece Jackets

Fleece jackets are a staple for winter dressing styles for men. Fleece jackets are effective in keeping you warm and comfortable while making you look trendy. Choose a fleece jacket in rustic earthy colours and you will be rocking the fashion game this winter. Layer a crew neck t-shirt underneath to make the winter look look even better. 

Half Zip Sweatshirt

The fashionable and versatile half-zip sweatshirt is a great addition to any winter dressing style for men. Its neckline features a half-zip placket that makes it all the more stylish and comfortable during the winters. Pull it up when needed, or else keep it down to look effortlessly stylish. This is one of the stylish yet practical winter looks for men. Choose an earthy colour like olive green and pair it with your denim or casual pants. 

Never underestimate your accessories in winter because they help you to put together a sleek look this season. Keep woollen socks, and mufflers handy for the extra layering. Boots and sneakers give the perfect finishing touches to your look.


The key to men's winter fashion is to mix flair with utility. During the coldest months of the year, you can look stylish yet feel comfortable by including these essential clothing pieces in your winter wardrobe. Remember to layer them well so that you are cosy and protected. Include light thermals, sweatshirts and hoodies in your men’s winter fashion ideas so that you don’t look bulky. These basics give you a variety of alternatives to show off your particular style while enduring the bitter cold. Update your winter wardrobe and winter dressing style with XYXX Crew because we bring the best of men’s casual wear and winter wear for you. From sweatshirts to hoodies and thermals you can trust us for all your winter fashion needs. 


  • How can I layer winter clothing for warmth and style? : Winter is the perfect time to layer your clothing. During the colder months, winter looks for men can be layered with thermals, t-shirts and pants. In case of heavy winter, you can layer a jacket on top. 
  • Are there any colour trends for winter fashion in men's clothing? : Blues and greys are the current trending colours for winter looks for men.
  • How do I stay stylish in extreme cold weather? : Winter clothes for men will allow you to stay comfortable, warm and stylish even in heavy winters. Don’t forget to wear a thermal set under your clothes. Thermals will protect you from extreme chilly conditions. Layer them well with winter outfits for men like jackets and sweatshirts.
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