What is Activewear? Everything You Need To Know

Do you simply put on a tee and a pair of trousers before hitting the gym? If yes, then you’re missing the comfort and chicness of activewear.

Some men think they can wear anything during exercise sessions or physical activities. Please don't be one of them, opt for athletic clothing from XYXX Crew. If this is the first time you've come across the term 'activewear' and find yourself searching for activewear meaning, then read on to find out more:

What Is Activewear?

Activewear - the term is self-explanatory. The outfits we usually wear during active sessions like gym, yoga, or outdoor activities fall into the category of activewear. But athletic clothing need not be only restricted to activewear. The concept of activewear has overstepped the boundaries of active times and has been widely embraced as casual wear. Surprising? Not really! 

Athletic clothes are all about functionality, they must give the wearer enough movement to freely perform exercises effortlessly. The comfortable and versatile athletic wear has now become men’s casual wardrobe staples that they can rock from casual Fridays to evening hangouts with friends.

What Type of Material is Used To Make Activewear?

Activewear is designed keeping in mind the needs of men during physically strenuous activities, it involves a lot of moves and stretches. The materials used in activewear are different from regular clothes. Athletic clothing items are made to be stretchy, durable, and fit to soak in heavy sweat while also being smart and stylish.

The most common fabrics used in activewear are:

Cotton :

The body temperature rises during exercise sessions, hence it’s vital to wear exercise clothes for men that keep you comfortable and cool all day long. The best solution is our range of Supima cotton tees - the premium-grade cotton fabric feels soft against your skin and features good moisture-wicking qualities. 

Spandex :

Can you perform any activity if the material is stiff? Nope. Always opt for men's gym wear fashioned with a bit of elastane/spandex, because it makes the fabric highly flexible. This quality of spandex or elastane makes men's exercise clothes one of the most popular athletic clothing fabrics.

Polyester :

When durability is a concern, nothing can beat the permanence of polyester which makes it another sought-after fabric for activewear.

Nylon :

It’s a well-known fact that nylon is strong and long-lasting. Its moisture-wicking ability makes it ideal for athletic clothing items. 

What Kind of Clothing Includes Activewear?

As you now know what activewear is made of, you might be wondering about the clothes that this category covers. We’re about to unroll the list of activewear types for men:


Most activewear comes as a set including - 9top wear and bottom wear. While you can buy them as a set, it’s best to purchase them separately. It lets you decide how you want the top wear and bottom wear to fit you. As it’s time to select a tee, no athletic clothing can beat the level of comfort XYXX Crew’s cotton t-shirts offer. 

Gym Vests

If you want your activewear to be more airy, a leisure tank top - cotton vests have no competition. They help you look cool while keeping you cool. This round-the-clock comfortable vest is fit to be the perfect casual wear. The ones available on XYXX Crew feature odour-free - FRESHON™ technology that offers an antibacterial finish for all-day-long freshness. 


You need a pair of pants to pair up with tees or vests. What’s better than French terry cotton joggers? Made of ultra-breathable soft fabric, joggers are one of the best bottom-wear pieces. The lightweight, breathable fabric makes it easy to transition from gym to office. Its tag-free quality helps prevent skin irritation or itchiness.

Track pants 

Perfect as everyday wear, track pants are also popular activewear. Their straight-fit silhouette and drawstring feature make them highly adjustable which is necessary for active performance. Crafted from 100% super-combed cotton, a moisture-absorbent fabric, and pockets on both sides, our track pants from XYXX Crew are suitable for athletic clothing and casual wear.

What Are The Features Activewear Should Have?

While most of us tend to just look for stretchy fabric, colour, and design of activewear, there are a lot of features that we miss. But it shouldn’t be so! To help you with this, we’ve listed down the features you must look into while choosing athletic clothing:

  • How well does the activewear fabric regulate the body temperature?
  • How does the activewear fabric pull moisture away from your skin?
  • How stretchy is the activewear fabric?
  • Does the activewear feature compressive design elements?
  • How durable is the activewear fabric?
  • How does activewear make you feel?

Now that you have a complete guide on activewear at your fingertips. It's time to start shopping for athletic clothing from our ultra-comfortable selection of activewear from XYXX Crew. Crawl through the collection to find yours! 

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