What Can We Learn From Bollywood When It Comes To Underwear?

No matter what outfit you wear, the right choice of men's innerwear makes a difference to the overall comfort level and lifestyle of the person. There are various types of innerwear available in the market for men. Choosing the right innerwear can be a difficult task if you do not know the factors you need to keep in mind while shopping for it. The factors mentioned below are necessary to choose an ideal innerwear for your everyday use: 


The best underwear for men is made of two fabrics - TENCEL™ Modal Micro fabric and cotton. These fabrics are a smart choice as they are soft, lightweight and breathable. When it comes to cotton vs modal underwear, people prefer modal material as it is shrinkage resistant and does not fade quickly.

Colour choice

There is a wide range of colours and prints available in the underwear clothing line. Many men also prefer to wear funny-printed boxers, sport-printed boxers, cartoon characters, and even superhero logos printed on them.


It is essential to pick the right underwear size for your daily use. The best underwear for men offers a perfect fit. No one should wear ill-fitting men's underwear like - loose or tight-fitting men's underwear.

Brand name

Men choose to stick with quality products because they want their underwear to be durable and comfortable. Not many brands can balance both comfort and style.

When buying underwear for men online, read customers' reviews to make an informed decision about your purchase. This will help the buyers to understand the product better. 

In recent times, underwear brands made in India have emerged. Among them, the best Indian-origin underwear brand is XYXXCREW featuring shopping for websites that have a variety of styles, fabrics, and colours. From briefs to trunks to boxer briefs and airy boxers, we have an attractive collection that fits every man’s requirements. 

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