Upgrade Your Loungewear Game: Men’s Cotton Pyjama Style

Without question, one of the most adaptable and classic items that men can wear is a pyjama. But there are a number of things to take into account when selecting the ideal pyjama or men’s loungewear for various occasions. We will go over each of these elements and numerous styling options for men's pyjamas that are appropriate for every occasion in this extensive guide. Let's take a brief look at the many kinds of men's kurta-pyjamas that are available before we continue.

Tips to Style Men’s Cotton Pyjamas for Different Occasions

Men who want their couture with comfort will love these pyjama ideas, whether they are fitted nightwear, patterned cotton pyjamas, or plain coloured ones with fashionable accessories. You can wear the simple pyjamas for work- from-home calls, coffee-runs, shopping errands, and even the occasional stroll outside in style; they will see you through all your clothing demands. It's safe to argue that the most practical fashion trend ever is definitely wearing pyjamas in public. Pyjama Party clothes are quite trendy in this era. Here is what you can style your pyjamas with for various needs. 

Solid T-Shirts and Pyjamas- 

There are several options for solid t-shirts these days, including those in colours like black, brown, blue, green, white and grey. You can pair these up with any pant type pyjama like the Lazy Lounge Modal Pyjamas and other varieties from XYXX to create a refreshing look for casual outings, mall gatherings, and more. 

Round Neck T-Shirts with Pyjamas-

You can create another comfy and classic look by using round neck t-shirts with your pant-style pyjama for men.  There are several round neck t-shirts that you will find, including options in colours like black, peach blush, pink, bold burgundy, blue, green, lilac and white, to name a few. This look goes well with most men’s pyjama designs and will get you the comfort and attention you need for house parties, coffee dates, brunches and more. 

Pyjamas and Polo T-Shirts

Polo t-shirts are some of the most comfortable outfits that you will find when it comes to lounging about. Take your pick from a wide range of options from XYXX with colours like black, blue, green, pink, bold burgundy and red to choose from. These outfits can be paired wonderfully with cool and comfy pyjamas for casual evenings/nights out and even most home events when you’re feeling too lazy to change into something formal or dressy

Men’s Tank Tops with Pyjamas- 

Want something for a beach outing or even a stroll in the park? For such casual purposes or even for plonking down on your favourite couch at home, there’s always a tank top (or even two) that you can buy. Pair it up with super-comfy lounge pyjamas from XYXX and you’ll have a look that is cool, stylish, and refreshing. When it comes to tank tops, choose from colours like blue, grey, pink and yellow among other options online. You can consider the XYXX Leisure Tank Tops Cotton Vest for this purpose. 

Must Have Lounge Pyjamas for Summer Wardrobe 

Having a pair of comfortable pyjamas in your wardrobe is an absolute necessity in summer. Lounge Pyjamas are comfortable, soft and breathable bottom wear, which allow you to relax after a long day. It is also a popular men’s home wear choice in 2024. Cotton is among the greatest materials to use for lounge pyjamas. Cotton is cool against your skin, breathable, long-lasting, and gentle to the touch, all of which contribute to restful sleep. For those who enjoy a little stretch in their clothing and wish to stay cool while sleeping, lightweight cotton pyjamas are the ideal material. 

As is well known, cool cotton fabric men’s summer pyjamas are made of a special, permeable smart fabric that wicks away moisture to allow for rapid drying and cooling. You will find several men’s loungewear sets like Lazy Lounge Modal Pyjamas that offer drawstring details for a better and more adjutable fit in tandem with anti-roll waistbands with inner elastic for extra comfort. There are also checked cotton pyjamas that you can use to lounge about at home or on vacation. These come in several smart colours for a special touch.


Pyjamas are one of the most stylish and versatile options for men's lounge clothing. You will undoubtedly find the ideal pair of pyjamas that complements your style and works for the occasion with the help of this styling guide. The XYXX Crew online site has a large selection of pyjamas for men. You should definitely check it out. They have a wide selection of men’s innerwear and men’s wear including classic pyjamas made of the most comfortable, premium fabrics, so you can choose the perfect pair that suits your comfort and style standards.

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