The Ultimate Guide to Solo Trips for Men

Is travelling the world your kind of therapy? We get it. From nourishing your mind, body and soul, travelling helps you experience the sheer joy of stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring different countries and cultures. It can become a powerful form of self-expression. While travelling is all about adventure, exploration, seeing Insta-worthy views and finding peace within yourself; it can become quite a comprehensive task when you're travelling with people. This is because everyone has to be on the same page about the itinerary, accommodation, budget, cuisine, etc. This can end up causing some stress, frustration and fights at times.

Solo travel takes the edge off the stress of travel preparations because it allows a person to exercise greater control over the planning process and make the most of their voyage. If you are jet-setting to a foreign location or hitting the road for some local adventure, a solo trip can be the most soul-satisfying thing you can do for yourself.


If the travel bug has bitten you and you're wondering about how to travel on your own, here's the lowdown on how to do it:

Get Your Tickets

Pre-planning is the buzzword when we talk about smart solo travel. Keep checking the prices of hotels, airfare, train fare, and other travel-related expenses for the date of your trip. Booking your tickets in advance, can get you a better deal and be more cost-effective. In addition to tickets, plan your medical insurance, travel insurance, forex exchange and other documents, especially if you're planning to travel internationally.

Booking Advance

Hotels, villas and resorts offer a better deal if you plan well in advance. You can also check out various logistic options like hotels, Airbnb, hostels etc., to explore more options and get the best price on your booking. If you plan to go on any excursions, it would be a good idea to pre-book that as well. 

Ask friends and family for their recommendations and check online reviews before finalising any bookings. 

Pack Light

While packing, always remember to travel light. Excessive luggage will become a hindrance while commuting. Make sure to choose the type of bag you are most comfortable carrying (a rucksack, suitcase, backpack, duffle bag etc.) and pack all your essentials. This will be very helpful, especially if you're setting off to an international destination. In addition to clothes, shoes and some toiletries, do not forget to carry your chargers, power bank, medicine, insurance documents, tickets and other essentials.

Daily Excursions

From eating out at popular restaurants to street shopping to taking on adventurous excursions, it is always a great idea to chart out these aspects of your trip and have the same on your phone. This will save you loads of time and enable you to make the most out of your trip. Travel blogs and websites can guide you and help you jot down an itinerary. You can also check out Instagram and follow influencers for their recommendations.

Solo Travel Tips While Exploring Places

While travelling alone, the idea should be to allow yourself an immersive travel experience that enriches you and helps you create beautiful memories. The following solo travel tips offer great travel pointers: 

Communicate With Locals

Engage with locals and get to know a thing or two about their language, culture, traditions etc. You can learn so many things from locals, like their local language, how to greet them and kind courtesy words for better communication. It is also a great way of showing respect to local people and their culture. 

Try Local Cuisines

Food is a great way to experience a culture in its full glory. This is because each culture has a unique palette of flavours which are intrinsic to their heritage, spices, taste preferences etc. You can easily ask your hotel for some local food and restaurant recommendations. You can even try out street food, provided the hygiene levels and ingredients resonate with your choice. 

Commute With Public Transport

Intercity and intracity travel should be sorted when you travel. Opt for buses, trams, subways, and trains, this will be a cost-effective way to travel and it will help you avoid burning a hole in your pocket due to high cab fares. Additionally, it will make you feel like a local. 

Make A Friend Or Two

Whenever you get an opportunity, interact with people; locals or tourists. It is a great idea to strike up a conversation with them and make friends. This will give you a lot of exposure and endow you with some great friendships as well. 

Shop Local

Collecting souvenirs and shopping for clothes, accessories, gifts etc., is an imperative part of travelling. You can visit local shops to get your hands on some locally made specialities. This will enhance your shopping experience and allow you to shop from an eclectic collection that reflects diversity and culture. Your friends and family will also cherish local souvenirs as gifts.


A solo trip can be an empowering experience, that can help you unravel your strengths and enhance your ability to adjust anywhere. It is a priceless opportunity for you to connect with yourself and embark on a journey of exploration at your own pace. 

Although a solo trip might feel like a journey into unknown territories, you must jot down every detail. Plan everything out to every single detail and have a great adventure.

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  • How do you travel solo successfully?: Jot down your itinerary by properly planning and paying attention to every detail to make the most of your trip. This will also keep any hidden surprises at bay. 
  • How do I gain the confidence to travel alone?: Planning your trip and jotting down every detail is the only way to gain confidence during solo travel. Keep our tips and pointers in mind while penning down every detail of your travel plans. 
  • Is travelling alone stressful?: You might experience travel anxiety while travelling alone, but you can also alleviate your anxiety through advanced planning, and packing smart. It will slowly ease as you embark on your trip.
  • How long should a solo trip be?: It can be as long and short as you want it to be. The duration of your trip will depend upon your time and monetary budget. 
  • Why is it important to keep updating the family about your tour?: When travelling it's always important to let your family know about your whereabouts to keep you safe at all times. In case an emergency arises and you require assistance, they will know where you are and tell the authorities your approximate location.
  • How many pairs of innerwear should I pack while travelling?: It depends upon the duration of your travel. If you are going for a short trip, it is advisable to pack a fresh pair of underwear for each day and one extra for backup. For longer trips, you can pack 5-7 pieces of underwear and vests which you can reuse after washing. 
  • What type of innerwear should I pack?: You should pack briefs, vests, trunks, boxers etc., to match all your travel-related innerwear needs.
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