The Ultimate Friday Dressing Wardrobe

Friday is the brightest day of the week. Nothing motivates me like the idea of 48 hours of absolute nothingness, and Friday is the starting line huddle to race towards this glorious period. So upbeat is the mood that even the stiffest of corporates have relented to Friday dressing as an acceptable compromise to the general sombreness of the week-long board-room decorum.

The French dictated, “When in doubt, overdress”, but even they were wise enough to not comment on how one should dress down. To hazard a guess, it should allow for some comfort but not at the risk of cutting a slack figure. Friday dressing should show resolute firmness but also flexibility and adaptability. As opposed to the week-long sombre and somewhat distancing boardroom attire, Friday Dressing, when done right, should allow for friendly colour-play and textural mingling; who doesn’t like some ASMR to kickstart the weekend, eh? 

But just because we are talking dressing down, don’t go too far. Think of it like those family functions where they ask you to not bring any gifts, but if you don’t, you know you will feel singled out for it. So, dress down but be spiffy enough to handle a corporate presentation or a handshake moment with the boss.

The silhouette should be defined but relaxed; imagine if Karl Lagerfeld and Adam Sandler had dressed up Steve Jobs, that is the vibe one should vie for. And that means:

  1. Polo necks and sweaters work.
  2. Off-beat outfit combinations (like blue jackets and beige trousers) over formal suits.
  3. Flannels and checks work for shirts but keep them tucked in.
  4. Tan shoes and (belts to match) are a great way to signal Friday. Possible loafer styles can be tasselled, Belgian or penny-loafers. Suede is always great for Friday style.
  5. A fun watch (sporty, or one with a non-leather or steel bracelet) is also a subtly noticeable nod to Friday dressing.

And lastly, what doesn’t fly:

  1. Sports gear or trackies, unless you are working from home all day.
  2. Vests and similar sleeveless tanks.
  3. Tees with obscene graphics or, worse, encore, printed ‘smart-Alec’ captions.
  4. Sequins in any form.
  5. Neon anything.
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About the author: Magandeep Singh is a peripatetic hedonist who is constantly trying to find ways to keep things heady yet healthy. He is admittedly vain and avoids confrontations with his inner self. He loves to concoct drinks, participate in triathlons, learn DJing and languages,and SCUBA. In his free time, he works.